How to Strip & Wax Vinyl Composite Tile in Las Vegas, NV; Instructions & Tips to Selecting the Right VCT Stripping & Waxing Company!

Are your Vinyl Composite Floors lacking their former luster and shine? Taking off old wax, dirt and debris and then applying a fresh coat of wax is a lot of work. To make sure your VCT floors shine, you’ll need to make sure the process is done correctly.

VCT Tile Stripping & Waxing Instructions & Tips

1. It’s just as important to have a lot of experience as well as the knowledge in stripping and waxing a VCT floor. Don’t allow your floor to be testing ground for a new company.
2. It is important to make sure the company isn’t using the same ringer and mop bucket for the stripping agent, neutralizer and wax solution. These items all need to have separate buckets that are clean as well as separate ringers and the proper stripping pad and RPM machine need to be used.
3. Safety measures need to be used when stripping agents are applies to the floor. Goggles and gloves need to be worn and to avoid any accidents from people walking on the floor, wet floor signs need to be placed on the floor. There is also a drying time that needs to be followed after the final coat or wax has been applied.
4. The stripping solution has to be properly diluted with the proper amount of water before it’s used on the floors.
5. How many coats need to be applied? Here again is where the right experience is needed to know. This will all depend on the company and the training or methods they use.

Floor Restoration Companies Use Different VCT Stripping & Waxing Methods!

The first step is to scrub and remove the old finish from the floor. Two thin coats of sealer are applied, followed by 3 coats of finish, allowing 20 minutes to pass between coats. The floor will be ready to walk on when the back of your hand doesn’t feel sticky when touched and it’s best to wait to replace any heavy furniture for at least an hour. Another company will apply 5 coats of finish and high traffic areas will get 3 more, waiting 45 minutes between coats. It’s important to follow the instructions that are given to you by the company you hire as drying times will vary depending on the products and method used. A wax finish will provide your floor with a protective layer that will keep it looking new and void of scratches and stains. These layers will wear down over time. When this starts to happen it will all need to be removed before a new one can be applied. If the instructions on the stripper, wax or the floor finish aren’t followed then you’ll end up with subpar results.

VCT Stripping & Waxing in the Las Vegas Valley NV, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Maintaining a floor is an art and a science. There are many steps to the process and the right equipment, tools and experience needs to be used. It’s best to go with a company like Silver State Floor Restoration that is experienced and has the training to strip and wax a floor the right way. Contact Silver State Floor Restoration today!

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