How to You Maintain a Tile Floor in MacDonald Ranch, NV? Keep Dry, Place Entry Mats, Deep Cleaning & More

Living in Las Vegas most of the homes have tile for the flooring. Tile can make your home look amazing and help keep it feeling cooler. There is one problem though, Las Vegas also has a lot of dirt. The tile in your home can become very dirty from the dirt and dust that is brought in on shoes or even the wind. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to give you a few tips to help you keep your tile clean and help it look nice and last longer.

Always Keep Tile Floors Dry

With tile, just like most floors, you want to keep the tile dry. If you are mopping the floor don’t soak the tile. If the tile gets wet from a spill or if you are mopping the floor to clean it, make sure you dry off the tile after it gets wet. If you leave it wet it can cause moisture to get into the tile and grout. Unwanted moisture on your tile and in the grout can cause mold and mildew to grow.

Where Should Floor Mats Be Placed

A great way to help take care of your tile floor in high traffic areas is by placing mats down. Such as in front of the sink or in the doorway can help keep those places from getting too dirty or ruined. Having one by the sink can help because you could get water on the floor when using the sink. With a rug there it can catch the water so it does not get on the tile. Having one by the door can help catch all the dirt that is being brought in from the outside. Having mats are a great way to help your tile stay clean longer.

Vacuum Tile Floors

When you vacuum your tile regularly it will suck up that loose soil and dust on your ground. Which is a great thing, because if you just leave the dirt on the ground it can get grounded in the tile. If that happens, your tile becomes much harder to clean. If you make it a habit to vacuum on a daily basis it can help the tile stay cleaner longer.

Hire a Professional to Clean & Seal Tile

The best thing you can do is get your tiles professionally cleaned and have them add a sealer to it. You might be shocked how clean your tile will look if you get it professionally cleaned. Your tile and grout can get so dirty. With a professional coming and cleaning, you will be able to get the tile back to its original color. After cleaning, have the professional put a sealer on it to help your tile last longer.

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Don’t let your home look dirty because your tile is dirty. If you continue to take care of it you won’t have such a problem having your home look dirty. If you have any questions or need your tile professionally cleaned, call Silver State Floor Restoration. We will come out and get your tile looking clean like the day it was first installed.

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