Is it Normal for Grout to Crumble & How Do You Fix Crumbly Grout in Summerlin, NV?

Are you noticing that your grout is falling apart? In certain places is your grout crumbling? Why is this happening? What did you do wrong? how do you prevent it? These are all very valid questions when it comes to your grout crumbling. The professionals at Silver State Floor Restoration want to help you understand why your grout is starting to crumble.

Exposure to Moisture

If your tile is exposed to constant moisture, over time it can start to become brittle and weak. Places such as kitchens and bathrooms are the most susceptible to moisture exposure, which will eventually cause the grout to crumble. When your grout crumbles it makes cracks and gaps inside your grout, which makes it easier for the dirt, grime, and moisture to get inside your grout. this leads to bacterial and mold growth.

Use of Chemical Cleaners

When you use harsh chemical cleaners, it makes your tile and grout break and crumble. Your hope to clean your tile can cause more harm than good. It can cause significant damage to your grout when using chemicals such as bleach on your grout. bleach can cause long-term harm to your tile and grout. If you are trying to clean your tile and grout try using non-chemical or homemade cleaners. If you have stubborn stains, that still will not leave hire a professional grout cleaning service to come and clean your tile and grout.

Poor Grout Installation

Your grout mixture is a water and base material. Meaning, that if you are not mixing it properly and don’t have the correct ratio. It can be too powdery. When this is too powdery it makes soft grout, which cannot hold your tile together. If it is not done properly, then it becomes susceptible to problems, such as crumbling over time. Also, make sure that you have good quality grout and it is not expired. if it is expired it can cause adhesion problems. If your tile is not properly installed, it cannot be repaired, it has to be redone.

How to Prevent Your Grout from Crumbling

If your tile grout is so susceptible to crumbling, how do you prevent it from crumbling?
– When you are installing your grout make sure you invest in good quality grout. Use the grout that is suitable for the tile
– Look into high-quality grout. This is more durable and less prone to crumbling.
– You want to minimize the amount of exposure to moisture. This means using ventilation and drying your floors if they become wet.
– Use the right cleaners. Don’t use harsh abrasive or bleach cleaners. Find good cleaners that are for your tile and grout.
– Seal your grout. Sealing your grout is a great step that you can take to help give a protective barrier to your grout.

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When your grout becomes ruined and starts to crumble, you need to get it fixed. You do not want it to become worse throughout the rest of your grout. Silver State Floor Restoration offers many grout services that include re-grouting your tile. If your grout is crumbling, then give us a call so that you can get your grout redone.

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