Is it Really Necessary to Seal Grout in Enterprise, NV? What is the Best Type of Sealer & More

When you choose to have tile or stone floors in your house whether in your kitchen, bathroom, entry way or other rooms, you will need to look at the grout as well. When it comes to keeping your tile and your grout clean the grout is the hardest area to keep that way. The cleaning of the grout is hard because the lines are thin and they are beveled down making everything that is swept across the lines stay there. Then once you add some sort of moisture, the grout will start to cause stains. You want to make sure that you know what grout you have and what the best options are for keeping it clean.

Silver State Floor Restoration Outlines How Often You Should Seal Grout & More

Epoxy, Sanded & Other Grout Types: You might think that all grout is created equal but there are actually different types of grout that might be used. The grout is there to help to secure the tile or stone and also prevent moisture from getting under the tile. The grout can be a few materials and one of them is called epoxy grout. This is a material that can be used which is a two part. The grout once it has been mixed needs to be placed fast. The epoxy will start to dry out fast and that is why you want to use a professional if you are using this type of grout. The grout is expensive and hard to use which is why most people use a sanded grout. This is a type of cement grout that is mixed with sand that gives it a gritty texture. The grout is placed and then allowed to dry. The problem is that the grout is porous and this leaves it open to staining.
Is it Really Necessary to Seal Grout?: If you have grout in your house you know that trying to keep it clean can be difficult. The work that it takes to get all the lines clean is time consuming. That is why it is important to have the grout sealed. If you have the standard sand grout it needs to be sealed in order to prevent a lot of that staining to occur. You want to make sure that you use a professional when you have the grout sealed. They can also let you know how often you want to make sure that the grout is sealed. This will help to prolong the tile and the grout in your house.
Tips for Cleaning Grout: This is a tricky question because you can clean your own grout it is just not recommended. The problem is that it is hard work and very time consuming. The best way to do this yourself is to get a paste of water and baking soda and a soft bristle tooth brush. Apply the paste and use the brush to scrub the lines one at a time. You then need to clean the rest of the tile by hand after you are done. The better option is to hire a company that can take care of cleaning the tile and the grout for you. They have the tools and expertise to get the job done and save you lots of time.

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Grout should be cleaned every once to two years depending on foot traffic and use. Silver State Floor Restoration can come to your home and get your grout and tiles cleaned! We can even repair your grout if it needs it as well as regrout it in a different color if you are ready for a change! Call us today to make your appointment.

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