Is Sealing Tile Necessary? How Often Should You Apply Tile Sealer in Summerlin South, NV?

If you have a natural stone you need to know that you must protect it with a sealant. Natural stone can absorb everything such as dirt, water, chemicals, any liquids, etc. If it does not have a sealant on it, then it can end up ruining your natural stone. To keep your natural stone looking beautiful you have to frequently seal it. Does the question come into play of how often do you need to seal it? Silver State Floor Restoration wants to help you with that question and help you understand why it is important to seal it and why it needs to be done often.

Is Sealing Tile Necessary?

Natural stone is very porous. Which means it can absorb everything. So, if oil, water, chemicals, or anything else gets onto your natural stone tile it could ruin your stone by absorbing it into the sone. When you seal it, it is a protection so that your natural stone will not absorb it and you will not be left with ruined tile and stains that do not come out. It will also help protect it from dirt getting down inside it and from any bacteria and mold build up.

When Should You Seal Tile?

When you are stealing your natural stone tile you should do it every few years. This goes for indoor and outdoor natural stones. Stones like flagstone and limestone are very common ones for outside that you should seal to keep them looking great. When you seal the stone, you should also put a water barrier in the grout between the stone. This can help prevent water damage from happening to the stone. If you don’t seal your stone it could crumble, expand or fall apart. If you have tile in your shower then you need to make sure that it is sealed. Older tile in the shower can be done yearly, but for newer tile, it should be done every six months to a year.

How Often Should You Apply Tile Sealer?

The location of your tile can determine how often you need to reseal your natural stone. It is recommended to seal it every few years, but it can depend on if it is a low-traffic or high-traffic area. With high-traffic areas, you may want to seal it yearly. In low-traffic areas, it can be every few years. It all depends on the type of tile you have and how it is being used. Some experts like it done yearly, while others every couple of years.

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If you are uncertain how often you need to seal your tile or if it is even time to be resealed then give the experts a call. Someone from Silver State Floor Restoration can help you determine when or if it is time for your tile to be sealed. We can also help you with any other issues you may be having with your tile so that you can get your tile back to the way it first was.

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