Is Tile & Grout Sealer Necessary or is Sealing Not Worth It in Anthem, NV? What Happens if You Don’t Seal Tiles?

Most homeowners do not realize that sealants are necessary for the overall care and longevity of their tile and most importantly, grout, and typically think of it as a luxury expense. Because of the durability it offers, many turn to tile and grout, however, it can be vulnerable if weakens with improper care. Soil, bacteria, moisture, and other debris absorbs into porous materials. It will make tile and grout unhealthy, unsightly, and accelerate the deterioration when the grout and tile will begin to discolor, stain, and collect substances that can stimulate mildew and mold growth. An essential element that offers protection for your grout and tile are using sealers. The importance of sealants for your grout and tile is what we at Silver State Restoration would like to stress today.

What Kind of Grout Does Not Need to Be Sealed?

Grout is a mixture of cement and sand, in its most basic form, making it especially porous. Bing porous makes it vulnerable to collecting microbes, liquids, and soil, that causes it to stain, look dull, and grimy. In addition to preventing mold and mildew growth, appropriate use of sealants contributes to prolonging the look, texture and consistency of your grout. Epoxy-based grout is the only time sealers are not needed. Also, keep in mind that some tiles require sealant.

How Long Should You Wait to Seal Grout?

The sealant should be applied after 48 to 72 hours after waiting for the grout to dry and cure following a new tile installation. Before starting the sealing process, make certain the grout is not cracked or chipped and ensure it is completely dry. Any unglazed tile/clay surfaces and natural stone tile should also be sealed since they are equally porous.

How Often Does Grout Sealer Need to Be Applied?

The sealants should be reapplied annually, or more often as needed as they dissipate over time, use, and using harsh chemicals for cleaning purpose after an installation as a part of routine maintenance, usually. Make certain to avoid using harsh chemicals to clean to prolong the sealants protection. When especially compared to replacing the surface or re-grouting, sealers can save you money as sealing your grout and tile is a rather inexpensive maintenance.

Why Should You Clean Tile & Grout Before Sealing?

It is crucial you ensure the tile and grout undergo a deep cleaning and are completely dry when performing sealing maintenance. Sealing the dirt, stains, and moisture resins will trap them. No matter if you prefer to do it yourself or invest in professional services, it is recommended that it gets incorporated into the spring-cleaning regiment, however, any time is good to help people remember this important step in maintenance.

How Do You Know when Grout Needs to Be Resealed?

If the sealants integrity is up to par, you can conduct a simple test to see if the sealants are still effective in the event you are unsure. Sprinkle a few drops of water on the surface and check to see what happens. Should the water quickly absorb into the tile and grout, the sealant has worn down and it needs to be done, but if the water beads up the sealant is still efficient.

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