Is Travertine Difficult to Maintain in MacDonald Ranch, NV? Test Cleaners First, Proper Mop Cleaning & More

Do you have a travertine floor? Either your choice or you bought a house that has it in it. Whatever your circumstances, you need to know how to take care of it properly. That is what Silver State Floor Restoration is here for. Let’s talk about how to care for the travertine surfaces in your home.

It is a Good Idea to Seal Travertine

Sealing your floors is a must when you have travertine. You will want to make sure you seal it before installation. The reason you want to do this is because it is a very porous stone. If it is not sealed it will get damaged and stained. There are two types of sealant that you need to use for the travertine stone. The first sealant will seep into the pores on the stone to help stop dust and liquid from getting down inside the pores. The second is a surface sealant. This sealant protects the top of the tiles and stops things such as moisture or dirt from getting inside the travertine.

Test Cleaners Before Using on Travertine

With travertine being such a delicate stone, you do not want to get a new cleaning product and do the whole floor. If the product is not good for the floor it could damage your floor. The best solution is to start testing your cleaning product on a small section of your travertine floor and make sure it does not damage your floor. You cannot use anything acidic on the floor, it will ruin it. Once you have found a product that works on the small section then you can continue to clean your floor.

How Do You Mop Travertine Floors?

Mopping your travertine floors regularly is a great way to keep it clean and shiny. This also helps control the dust and dirt from settling on your floor and getting into the pores. When you mop you need to just use water. You can use the cleaning solution that you have tested beforehand if you want. You do however need to know that when you mop you cannot soak your floors with water. You can use a dry mop or just a slightly damp one. Floors that are too wet can cause damage to your travertine and could get down into the grout lines and tile causing mold to grow.

Clean Travertine Correctly

When it comes to cleaning your travertine floors you can mop, sweep, or even vacuum. You just want to make sure that you are doing one of these three things daily or even weekly depending on how dirty your floors get during the week. You do not want to leave your floors dirty too long because then they will become dirty with dirt, grime, and moisture that can get down into the pores and cause damage to your floors.

Travertine Stain Remover

Spills are not good when it comes to your travertine, especially coffee, orange juice, vinegar, and lemon juice. Anything that is very acidic can damage your travertine. So, when you spill make sure you wipe it up with a dry cloth as soon as it happens. If you let it sit it can get ruin your travertine and get into the pores. There are cleaners that can help remove stains. One many people use is a poultice. You can buy these commercially.

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With proper maintenance, you can keep travertine floors looking great for many years. If you need help with your floors give Silver State Floor Restoration a call. We are happy to come to get your floors looking great again.

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