Manmade Tile & Natural Stone Myths in Spring Valley, NV; Do Tiles Need to Be Sealed, Porosity Scale & More

When it comes to having natural stones like marble or limestone in your home, there are many myths out there that may turn customers away from having it installed in their house. Most of these myths come from misinformation about caring for and maintaining your flooring. At Silver State Floor Restoration, we want to debunk some of these myths so that our customers don’t miss out on the beauty they could have in their home when they choose natural stone flooring.

Does Porcelain Tile Need to be Sealed?

When you choose porcelain tiles for your home, you probably did so because you were wanting a durable floor. While they are one of the most durable floor choices, with thousands of colors and styles to choose from, it is important that you seal the floor to protect it against damage. Over time, you may notice that your tile floor starts to dull when you aren’t having it sealed. Professional sealing and cleaning are essential in maintaining your porcelain tile floor.

Natural Stone Hallways

There is a reason that some of the grandest hotels you walk through have marble floors. These floors are durable as long as you are maintaining them properly. It is important that you are also choosing a high quality stone that is going to be harder than some of the lower quality limestone and marble choices. You need to keep in mind that when you have chosen natural stone for your flooring in hallways, you need to vigilant in maintaining them so that they don’t sustain any damage.

Does Natural Stone Need to Be Sealed Often

When you put natural stone in your home, you should know that sealing will be the key to maintaining the beauty of the stone. This doesn’t mean that you need to have your flooring sealed on a monthly basis though. If you are choosing to have your floors sealed using a high quality sealer, it should last a couple of years before you need to have it done again. This is why it’s so important to choose a reputable company to care for and maintain your floors. You need to know they are choosing quality products.

Is Limestone Too Porous for Kitchen

It is important to understand that when you are choosing any natural stone of any kind for the flooring in your home, it is porous. However, when the stone is sealed properly, you don’t have to worry about that porous stone causing any problems. The same goes for limestone. If you want limestone in your kitchen, just make sure it is sealed properly and you should be fine.

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