Marble Polishing to Restore Shine in Centennial, NV; Cleaning Products Safe to Use on Carrara Marble

If you have marble anywhere in your home you may have heard lots of different ways to care for it. When people give you information it can easily become confusing because the advice seems to differ depending on who you are talking to. One area that you may have some confusion on is marble polishing. Today Silver State Floor Restoration wants to take some time to give you the facts about marble polishing so that you can care for your marble with accurate information.

What is Marble Honing & Polishing?

Let’s start by explaining what marble polishing is. We need to define marble honing in order for you fully understand marble polishing. Marble honing is a method of buffing the stone to create a more even surface. After the rough spots have been honed away your marble will have a matte finish. Most people do not like their marble to have a matte surface so they then have it polished to give is that glossy look they want. A fine grit is used to gently polish the surface of your marble. This process will leave your marble looking shiny and beautiful again. One of the largest benefits of having your marble polished is that it helps keep your marble safe from scratching as easily during everyday use.

Cleaning Products Safe to Use on Marble

One of the common misconceptions that people have about marble polishing is that you have to clean your marble with a tough cleaner before it can be polished. Many times Silver State Floor Restoration will arrive at a home to polish the marble inside the home to find that homeowners have already completed the cleaning they felt necessary. This is not a good idea. When you clean your marble with a harsh chemical it takes away the sheen of your stone. You will only want to clean your marble with cleaning products that are safe for marble. When homeowners are looking for products that are safe for their marble frequently they will choose tile and grout cleaner. They choose these products assuming that they are safe for marble because they work fantastic for tile and grout. Typically these products are extremely acidic and cause your marble to corrode. Do your marble a favor and do not use tile and grout cleaner to get your marble clean.

Should You Polish Newly Installed Marble?

Another statement that we hear on a regular basis is that if your marble was installed less than 2 years ago it does not need to be polished. When your marble is ready to be polished is not determine by how long ago it was installed. Some marble is softer than other. Softer marble will need to be polished more regularly than harder marble. You will also need to polish your marble sooner if you have large spills that you cannot get to come out.

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The last idea that we want to address with you is the belief that once you have your marble polished your marble will stay looking new forever. In a perfect world this would be true, but in the real world this is just not reality. Your marble will need to be polished about once a year. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

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