Most Popular Flooring Trends in Summelin, NV; Tile Laid in a Brick Pattern, Wood & Cement Look Tile, Cool Colors & More

Now that we are well into the New Year and the weather is starting to warm up, people are ready to make changes to their home. Not only is spring cleaning a way to get your home ready for the new season but other home improvement projects as well. One of the best ways to spruce up a house or a room is to change out the flooring. New Hardwood or stone floors are great ways to modernize your home but you should know what the latest trends are. You don’t want to be the house that is ten years behind because you didn’t do some research. It is always good to know what is new and commonly used to keep up with the current trends.

Silver State Floor Restoration Lists Common Flooring Trends For the 2017 Year

Wood Tile: This is not actually wood but a tile plank that is made to look like wood grain. You can get whatever color and grain depth that you want because the tile is manufactured. The great thing is that you have tile that is easier to take care of and is less likely to be damaged like real wood can. Wood is hugely popula but some people choose to stay with tile because of the traffic in their home or the care that they are willing to put into restoration.
Tile Laid Like Brick: You may have never even thought about this as an option but it is a new trend that is taking off. Most people think that the bigger the tile the better but that is not always true. More and more people are choosing to use a brick lay look on their tile floors. It is a cool way to have tile but to have a unique look to the floor when it is finished. Some people choose to have the tile laid brick style only in part of the home as an accent area. The popularity of this style has started to be big and more people are choosing to go with it.
Cement Look Tile: There are many people that are stripping their floors down to the cement and using that as their flooring option. The cement is a great option for many homes and businesses and it a cool and modern choice. There are now tiles that look like cement and can be laid to give the effect of a cement floor. This is a cool option and more people are choosing it over the standard tile floor.
What Tile Colors are Popular in 2017: There are several colors that are a great options and are topping the list this year. One color that is always an option and still is today is white. White can be found in many natural stone flooring options and is always a great choice. Greys are huge and natural stones offers greys in many different stones such as slate and granite. Blue is starting to be a great option and is highly favored in bathroom and even on kitchen walls around homes.

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