Natural Stone Cleaning, Care & Maintenance Tips in Enterprise, NV; Approved Cleaners & More

There are lots of flooring options you can use in your home. You can go with the soft comfort of carpet or you can choose a sleek finish hardwood. You can also choose a versatile and durable stone floor. Whatever you choose the way that you keep them cleaned and maintained is important. You want to be able to clean them without causing any damage to the floors. When you choose a natural stone tile floor you may think that they can withstand a lot since they are made out in the elements as well. The problem is that the things that your stone floors are up against in your house are much more harsh than the outdoors elements. The items you might spill on your floors have acidic property, dyes and chemicals that can be damaging. That is why it is important to know what to do when trying to clean your stone floors. Silver State Floor Restoration outlines what you should and should’t use on your natural stone floors.

Don’t Use Household Cleaners on Natural Stone

One of the first things that you might try and grab to clean a spill or spot on your stone floors is whatever spray you have. There are times that your child will spill some juice, drop food, walk in with mud and dirt on your shoes. The messes that are on your stone floors need to be cleaned up but you need to use cation with what you use. The cleaners that you have on your counters that you use to wash other areas of your home are chalked full of chemicals. The chemicals that they use in the standard cleaners are harsh and will cause damage to stone floors. The stone floors will start to be eaten away and cause sips, cracks and more on the stone. You need to avoid using the standard harsh cleaners that you have in your house.

Don’t Use Too Much Water when Cleaning Natural Stone

Now that you know that you need to avoid the harsh cleaners that are full of chemicals you may wonder what you can use. The problem is that the next step that most people take is to use water. The water that you are using can leave residue as well as lines and streaks on the stone. The water can dry if you use it too much and this will leave a mess on the floors. The water will dry and the sediment is left behind. The best thing you can do is to make sure that you use a lightly damped cloth and even follow up with a dry cloth to remove any excess water.

Use Specialty Cleaners on Natural Stone Surfaces

It may surprise you to know that there are specialty cleaners that are available to you for the stone floors that you have. The stone floors need to be cleaned but you need to use the right supplies. Be sure to talk with a professional to ask about the best specialty cleaner that you should use for your stone.

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