Natural Stone Myths in Inspirada, NV; Is this Flooring Durable, Long Lasting & Stain Resistant?

Have you ever taken time to think about some of your beliefs? Sometimes it can be interesting to ponder why you believe some of the things that you do. Pick a topic really quick. Spend a minute or two thinking about all of the things that you know as truth on that subject. Then take a few minutes to challenge if your beliefs on the topic are based on cold hard facts or not. You may be surprised to find that some of the things that you accept as fact you have never actually verified before simply accepting them. Many of us are surprised to find that the “facts” that we have in our minds we have not actually researched ourselves. If someone that we know and trust said something we often treat it as fact without even thinking twice about it. Sometimes this is no big deal because the person was actually correct. Other times this is how incorrect information spreads. One topic that you may have false beliefs on is natural stone. Here at Silver State Floor Restoration we hear all sorts of crazy things from our customers about natural stone. Today we are going to dispel some of the myths that you might be unknowingly accepting as fact on the topic of natural stone.

Does Natural Stone Stain Easily?

First up is the belief that all natural stone stains easily. Since stone is naturally porous many people believe this statement when they hear it because it makes logical sense to them. The reality is that it simply is not a true statement. Spills that do occur on your natural stone surfaces can be lifted fairly easily with proper cleaning techniques.

Is Natural Stone a Good Investment?

The second myth that we are going to bust today is that natural stone is not a good investment for homebuyers. The opposite of this is actually the truth. When you choose to add natural stone in your home it will increase the value or your home and give you a high return on your investment. Your natural stone will last a lifetime without going out of style.

Is Natural Stone Durable & Long Lasting?

This leads us to our third myth. Many people believe that natural stone is not durable enough to last a lifetime. The truth of the matter is that natural is one of the most durable materials that you can choose for your home. The process that natural stone goes through before it is put in your home makes it one of the hardest materials in the construction industry.

Is Natural Stone Expensive?

The last myth that we are going to dispel today is that putting natural stone in your home is super expensive. Many homeowners will not even consider looking at natural stone because they believe that this statement is truth. The price of natural stone has become more affordable in the last 10-20 years than it ever has been before. The cost of natural stone is often the same price as many of the manmade materials that you be thinking about purchasing.

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Hopefully this information today helped you correct some thoughts that you had about natural stone. We hope that you will consider putting natural stone in your home. If you do Silver State Floor Restoration can help you take care of it with the many services that we offer. Contact us today!

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