Natural Stone Restoration in Whitney, NV; Tile Brushing, Grinding, Polishing, Sealing & More

Bushed & Brushed Stone Finish

When cut from a slab the surface of granite is fairly flat and smooth. If polished it is shiny and a pleasing addition for counter tops. One method is bushing or brushing, a process to add a weathered look to natural stone. The system can be used on concrete as well to provide a weathered texture to the stonelike finish. Brushing can be used on a variety of materials. Bushing uses a tooth rotating tool that is used to cut and grind the surface. Brushing uses silicon brushes to roughen, texture and weather the surface. If that bright shiny surface just doesn’t complement your interior design, you can retexture that surface to fit your motif.

Natural Stone Restoration

Natural stone is a wonderful material with two downsides. One being natural you get what you get, there is no uniformity and there can be no warranty on many products. Two is cost. Being natural and not man made you need to quarry the product, saw and shape the material. This drives up the costs. If local deposits dry up, you must import the material and that will cost. There are two means to restoration. You can do as above and employ multiple means to change color and texture.

Sealing Natural Stone

The other is to grind down the imperfections and polish the surface. You then add in sealers to prevent water intrusion into the grain of the material. Most natural materials like travertine, marble, sandstone and limestone will need to be sealed. Slate and granite are dense and waterproof materials and can be left natural, unless there are extensive cracking. Used for roofing as well as exterior walls and floor slate is a metamorphic rock created from sedimentary layers of clay and volcanic ash. It has a MOHs hardness of 5.5 and can scratch glass and steel. Being a felsic (high in quartz and felspar) igneous rock. As it is formed under ground the magma cools slow enough for crystals to form contributing to the patterns and beauty of granite.

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With the choices available natural stone can be bright, polished, shiny and smooth or it can have a weathered aged look for the more natural look. Your decorating options for floors are varied and huge. Choices range from colored concrete, hardwood, natural stone and ceramic tile. Call Silver State Floor Restoration for all your hard floor cleaning needs.

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