Natural Stone Tile Flooring Mistakes in Las Vegas NV; Don’t Install Cheap Travertine, Choose the Proper Finish & Avoid Installing it in Your Shower Enclosure!

Avoid these Mistakes when Choosing Natural Stone for your Home

Natural stone is one of the most beautiful floor options you can choose to install into your home. Natural stone flooring adds a level of elegance that no other material can and your home will increase in value when you install natural stone flooring. While installing natural stone floors into your home is a great way to improve the value, appearance and appeal of your home, there are a few points to consider before choosing the exact type of natural stone you would like. Take every step necessary to make sure that you are giving only the best to your home.

Avoid Installing Cheap Travertine Into Your Home

While natural stone is a great choice for floor installation in your home, take the time necessary to find out what type of natural stone is best for your home and what types of natural stone to avoid. Travertine is one of the more popular choices when it comes to natural stone flooring. However, avoid purchasing cheap travertine to be installed into your home. While a less expensive price may lead you to thinking you are getting a fantastic deal on travertine, keep in mind that price usually indicates the quality of travertine that you are purchasing. Only choose travertine with a high grade rating to avoid cracking, chipping or other problems in the future.

Choose the Proper Finish for the Appropriate Natural Stone

Natural stone must be installed and finished properly to look its best. Many homeowners are not familiar with what type of finish is best for the natural stone flooring that they have chosen to be installed into their home. Choose a finish that you can live with, a honed floor requires less care than that of a polished floor. Natural stone floors with a polished finish require a great deal more maintenance. The best way to properly care for your natural stone floor no matter what finish you decide on is to hire Silver State Floor Restoration to do the hard work for you and leave your floors looking like new.

Avoid Installing Natural Stone in your Shower

Natural stone is extremely porous and will suck up every ounce of water that it can. If you must install natural stone into your shower, be prepared to squeegee and towel dry your shower after every use to avoid any type of damage to your natural stone shower.

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