Outdoor Living in Las Vegas Nevada Complete with Stone Countertops and Slate Flooring

It’s a popular concept with interior decorating to “bring the outside in” by using natural features such as plants and natural stone within the home, but what about “bringing the inside out”? Many deck and patio designs create a stylish relaxing outdoor living area which can greatly increase the value of your home. Another idea you may wish to consider is creating outdoor rooms as livable space. Whether you are interested in creating an outdoor kitchen for cooking or an open air living room for entertaining, outdoor rooms can change the ways you think and feel about your home. According to statistics outdoor living is a $6.2 billion dollar industry. The growing interest in outdoor living areas in Las Vegas is catching on at an astonishing rate and it makes perfect sense when you think about it. An outdoor living area makes your home feel more spacious and creates specifically designated areas that can enhance the enjoyment of your property. An outdoor living area can also become a natural extension of your home and can help you bring your favorite indoor leisure activities outside.

Water Resistant Stone Countertops & Durable Slate Stone Flooring

How do you plan on utilizing your outdoor space? If you do a lot of socializing, using your outdoor area for gathering and entertaining works perfectly. Your guests will relax more knowing that don’t have to worry about spilling a food or drink outside. Many people choose a grill for outdoor entertaining but there are many other options available. Pizza ovens are a growing trend and not just for cooking pizza. If you like to host intimate gourmet dinner parties, think about using a pizza oven to whip up dishes using cedar planks or utilizing cooking methods such as braising. You can even think beyond a grill or oven by considering a fully appointed outdoor kitchen. Keep it simple by surrounding your outdoor appliances with weather resistant stone countertops. Be sure to choose durable flooring like slate or stone that will complement the rest of your home. Consult the professionals at Silver State Floor Restoration to keep your countertops and flooring in top notch condition. Silver State Floor Restoration will ensure that your stone will receive specialized care to provide many years of longevity and beauty to the indoor and outdoor flooring within your home.

An outdoor dining room adjacent to an outdoor kitchen is perfect for enjoying food prepared outside. The ideal placement for an outside dining area is upwind away from smoke fumes created by the grill. You may wish to include a large single table in your layout with plenty of outdoor cushions and pillows to make benches and chairs comfortable. Before purchasing check to be sure your new pillows and cushions are rated for outdoor use, especially if they will be exposed to the outdoor elements. If you prefer a more intimate setting, consider multiples of single tables. Place your outdoor dining table or tables inside a cabana with drapes that can be opened or closed. Some additional design ideas for entertaining include using a portable chiminea if you lack space for a fireplace or firepit. Low retaining walls and built in planters can provide additional seating for larger gatherings. Market umbrellas not only provide shade, but also flexibility when your guests want to enjoy natural sunlight.

Silver State Floor Restoration in Las Vegas, Summerlin and Henderson Nevada

Whether you chose an open floorplan or a built in area for your outdoor living space, consult with the highly trained and skilled technicians at Silver State floor restoration when it comes to preserving your indoor and outdoor flooring. We are licensed and insured and our certified staff have been cleaning, polishing, sealing and restoring both natural stone floors and man-made stone floors in Las Vegas, 2001. Contact Silver State Floor Restoration today and speak with a customer service representative about all of your indoor and outdoor flooring needs.

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