How to Prepare Your Henderson, NV Home to Have the Natural Stone Floors Cleaned, Polished & Sealed

If you have beautiful stone tile floors in your home you know that you need to have them cleaned and cared for. That is the best way to keep them looking their best and safe from damage. Some stone floors are very porous and will absorb all the dyes from many spills. The spills can leave a stain on the stone that can be a terrible eye sore. The best way to keep them safe is to hire a professional to come out and treat the floors by cleaning, polishing and sealing them. When you decide to have someone come out to care for your stone tile floors you want to give us as much floor surface as possible. That means that you should prep in advance so when we show up you are good and ready.

Silver State Floor Restoration Outlines Tips to Get Your Home Ready to Have the Stone Floors Cleaned

Move Out The Clutter: The first step you need to take after you schedule to have your stone floors cleaned by a professional is to remove the clutter. If you have a shoe rack by the front door it needs to be moved out of the way. Do you have a trash bin or do you feed your pets on the tile floor? These are all the things that you want to make sure is out of the way when the floor cleaning company comes out. Your stone tiles don’t just have to be used on the floors. They can also be on your counters so if you choose to have your counters also cleaned you want to have them cleared off too. This will make the cleaning go much smoother and the technician will be able to get to as much surface area as possible.
Move Floor Coverings: Many people that have stone floors in their home will most often have area rugs in particular areas. They may also have runners that are great to have in hallways to add some decor to the area. There are also rugs in the bathroom and kitchens that will need to be picked up and moved out of the way. This is a great time to have the rugs cleaned so when you put them back down on the nice clean stone floors they don’t drag any dirt with them.
Move as Much Furniture as You Can: If you have stone tile floors in your dining room, living room and other rooms of your home you most likely have several pieces of furniture on it. It can be couches, dressers, kitchen table and chairs that can be moved. You should do what you can do get as much or the pieces of furniture out of the way. This will free up as much of the tile as possible so that it can all be cleaned.

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