Professional Cleaning & Sealing Soapstone Countertops & Floors to Remove & Prevent Stains in Enterprise, NV

Soapstone is a common natural stone material used inside many homes. Soapstone is a great and durable material that will last a long time with the proper care. However, at times soapstone will need to be professionally cleaned and sealed. It is important not to neglect soapstone or it may not last. Silver State Floor Restoration will share why it is important to clean and seal soapstone.

Weakness of Soapstone

Soapstone is a rather durable stone and is water resistant which makes it a popular choice for indoor and outdoor flooring. Soapstone is also non-porous which means it will not absorb liquid or moisture and is resistant to stains. Soapstone can also be exposed to acid substances unlike granite or marble stones. You can use any cleaner on its surface without fear of erosion. However, soapstone is rather soft and can scratch easily. It is important to protect soapstone and its surface, or it can develop permanent scratches. One of the best ways to protect soapstone is by sealing it. The common types of sealer used on soapstone are oil or waxed based sealers. The oils and waxes also help to enrich the soapstone’s color. The sealer or wax can even help to repair some levels of scratches.

Professional Soapstone Cleaning & Sealing

Soapstone needs sealers. When soapstone develops scratches, or the sealer begins to wear down it is time for a professional cleaning and sealing. A professional just doesn’t clean the soapstone. They can also sand down the surface and remove scratches in its surface. The surface is sanded down and bumped smooth. Once the surface is smoothed down then the soapstone is oiled or waxed. When oiling or waxing the soapstone, it will help to darken the stone, making the color look more vibrant. After a professional is done, the stone will look amazing and is protected at the same time. Soapstone doesn’t require a lot of cleaning. However, the oil sealer only lasts for about 8 weeks at a time. New applications of oil will be needed to protect the stone’s surface. For those who don’t want to worry about oiling their soapstone every 8 weeks, there is a sealant that can be applied to the stone which lasts, on average, 3 years. A sealer is highly recommended as it can keep out bacteria and make cleaning the surface that much easier. Depending on the surface, flooring or countertops often need to be sealed the most, often due to the use. Floors may need to be sealed more often and sometimes need to be resealed once a year. Sealers will vary in quality, so to get the most out of your sealer, make sure to invest in a higher quality. A professional cleaning and sealing service often uses some of the highest quality sealer. When seeking professional soapstone cleaning and sealing, you know your natural stone is protected.

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