Professional Deep Tile Cleaning, Making Grout Darker, Regrouting & More in Spring Valley, NV

Cleaning tile and grout has some health benefits. Yes, you can disinfect tile and grout. As soon as you walk across the floor it is contaminated again. Bacterial and mold, particularly black mold presence has health ramifications. This stuff can cause bleeding from the nose and lungs. Regular mopping can discourage growth but occasionally you will need to deep clean grout and tile. You will likely find that perhaps calling in a floor restoration professional is the best decision for your circumstances. These floor technicians have the knowledge to do complete and thorough job. Calling in a pro for commercial sites are a must.

Professional Deep Tile Cleaning VS Doing it Yourself

Generally commercial cleaners will use steam cleaners that can tidy up both the tile and the grout lines. Grout is porous and can harbor some nasty things like bacteria, but black mold is destructive and dangerous. The spores feed on organic materials common to most structures, residential or commercial and live on dry wall, carpet, insulation or sub-flooring compromising the structural integrity of the materials and sending out toxic spores. Chronic coughing, sneezing, eye and mucus membrane irritation and rashes, persistent headaches and chronic fatigue. Severe cases are accompanied by allergic reactions, nausea, vomiting and lung and nose bleeding. Some try to rent the equipment or try home remedies to clean the tile and grout. But the experienced professional will know how to handle ‘out-of-the-norm encounters’ and seek the best remedy.

Superior Tile & Grout Cleaning Machines

For legal reasons it behooves the commercial establishment to hire a commercial and well-equipped floor restoration company to tackle your cleaning job. Grout is a cement product and will react with any acidic cleaners as grout is an alkaline base. Repeated applications of acidic cleaners will dictate the eventual re-grouting of the floor. Most methods use steam cleaners to lift out the grime and disinfect the grout and tile. The pros use commercial grade machinery versus the consumer models that most people buy. Since disinfectants are not persistent, re-infection of bacterial occurs upon first use. For the home, mopping will take of the problem if done bi-weekly. For the commercial operator, particularly restaurants this is a daily routine in kitchens.

Make Grout Darker with Colorant VS Regrouting

Grout discoloration is due to mildew and molds. Being porous dirt impregnation is also a culprit. You can change tile grout color with a few caveats. First the grout must be clean to ensure proper adhesion of the color. Second you can go darker in color but not lighter. The most thorough method is to remove and replace the grout. You can go lighter in this instance. Colorants require porous grout to accept the color and that your tile is glazed to prevent stains on the tile. Another solution is an epoxy-based colorant that ‘paints’ over the grout. This will last for many years as it is a resin. There are many solutions to refinishing your grout, but re-grouting, coloring and epoxy paint are the primary solutions to sprucing up that grout.

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Sealants are an important component in dealing with natural products and grout. Glazed tile is sealed by the manufacturing process. Porous tiles and natural stone products need to be sealed. Due to the mechanical abrasion these tiles are subject to, re-sealing should be considered every five years or so. Call the professionals at Silver State Floor Restoration for suggestions on your best course of action.

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