Saltillo Tile Cleaner & Sealer Tips in Enterprise, NV; Sweep, Vacuum, Mop, Seal & More

Ideal for Southwest aesthetic, saltillo tile has a natural beauty. This stone is very durable and simple to maintain, making it ideal for desert climates that experience the tracked in dust, full of gravel and other bits of debris into homes and businesses. However, to keep saltillo looking fresh and clean, there are a few tips we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to offer today.

Sweep Saltillo Tile Daily

When living in a dusty climate, such as the Vegas Desert, there is always layers of dust. You won’t always see the sheen of dust settling on the tile and other surfaces, but it is there. By the time you notice the layer of dust and debris, much of it has already seeped into the pores of your tile and grout where it continues to accumulate until a deep professional cleaning occurs. The buildup not only mars the grout lines and dulls the tile, but it causes damage as well. To help protect saltillo tile and extend the freshness in between professional cleaning services, be sure to daily sweep the surface clean and ensure to get along the edges and in the corners. For more effectiveness, sweep twice, the first time loosens a lot of the debris and the second sweeping gets the remaining dust.

Vacuum Following the Sweeping

Where sweeping twice a day is especially good for your saltillo, you can help get some of the accumulating dust that settles in the pores of your tile and grout by vacuuming over the surface after you finished the sweeping. Following the two sweepings, be sure to use your vacuum on the bare floor setting to make sure the beater bar is inactive, to avoid any potential damage.

Mop Saltillo Tile Often

Mopping is ideally done daily as well, following the twice swept and vacuuming. Though you do not need to mop every day, be sure at the minimum, to mop about once a week to get that lingering dust and other debris that clings to the tile and the grout. So that you don’t strip the sealer from the floors or otherwise damage them, be sure to use the appropriate cleaners when you mop the floors. Use two buckets; one with the cleaner and water solution and one with just water when you mop. Rinse the mop first in the bucket of plain water each time you need to re-dip the mop. This helps avoid reapplying dirty water to the surface and helps you clean the floors better.

Saltillo Tile Sealer

To create a barrier against dirt and debris, the sealing penetrates the pores and cracks in the saltillo tile and grout. The tile and the subflooring as protected as the makes it easier to clean the floors, and it protects the grout from damage. After you’ve had professional saltillo tile cleaning performed, be sure they follow up with a sealing treatment as well. However, sometimes sealants wear faster in areas where there is high-traffic or harsher cleaning chemicals were used that may need more frequent sealing applications, but it should be done at least annually.

Watch for Hairline Cracks in Saltillo Tile

Though durable, saltillo is not invincible. The tile can be cracked with enough force from something that dropped for example. There are other factors that can contribute to cracks such as heavy furniture being pushed a crossed the surface, careless vacuuming, and other agents. If cracks occur, be sure to have them repaired as quickly as possible.

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