Tile & Grout Cleaning Gift for Seniors in Whitney, NV; Avoid Slip & Falls, Keep Floor Clean & More

When you live in a home that is dirty and not taken care of it makes it hard to live in. Often tile and grout get pushed aside for cleaning because it is not on the top of the list of the many things that need to be done. But when your bathroom or your kitchen’s tile becomes damaged and dirty then you start realizing it is time to clean. As a senior, you want to make sure that your house has good and clean tile. There are many reasons for this. Silver State Floor Restoration will go over three reasons why you want clean tile for seniors.

Avoid Slip & Falls

As a senior or an elderly person, there is already an increased risk of falling and injury caused by falling. When the grout is neglected, the tile can become damaged. With broken or cracked tile. This can become a serious risk for seniors. If there is chipped tile or sharp edges in the showers this can cause serious injury to them. Plus, if the grout and tile have been neglected then it can become dirty with bacteria and grime build-up. The build-up in the bathrooms can cause floors to become more slippery, increasing the chances of falls.

Keep Tile & Grout Clean

As we just said if you neglect your grout it can become dirty with build-up, but grout is very porous and can become dirty and discolored if not taken care of. Keeping your bathrooms and kitchens clean is important for the quality of your home and health of your home. Not taking care of the tile and grout bacteria and mold can start to grow on your tile and in the grout. Having your home have dirty grout and tile is not only unclean but could cause extra health problems.

Make Home Accessible

Many people will just avoid an area of their home when something needs to be repaired. They have a thought “out of sight out of mind”. But when it comes to your home avoiding these areas can make it hard to do day-to-day tasks, especially if you are avoiding kitchen and bathroom areas, because most tile is present in these areas. Just because you are a senior or elderly person should not mean that you should not try to do your day-to-day activities. Having a home that is accessible to move around and do what you need to get done will help you fill more productive.

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If there is tile and grout that needs to be repaired in the home of a senior don’t put it off. Get the tile and grout fixed so they can live their best life and be safe doing so. If there is a home that needs tile and grout repairs or cleaning then give Silver State Floor Restoration a call. Let us come in and get the home tile and grout fixed and cleaned to ensure the elderly are safe and healthy.

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