Tile & Grout Cleaning Myths VS Facts in Silverado Ranch, NV; Wire Grout Brushes & More

Tile is fairly easy to clean; grout on the other hand, being porous in nature, can be a little more of a challenge to keep its original brightness. In an effort to restore the grout’s vibrancy and even the tile’s shine, people will ask others for advice on optimal ways to achieve their goals or even attempt their own theories. As a result, some homeowners are doing everything right, where other people spreading myths like wild fire and as result, tile and grout are being mistreated and in some severe instances, being ruined. We at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to set the record straight and bust some of the most common myths concerning the care of tile and grout.

Busting on Tile & Grout Myths

Myth: Acid based cleansers are used to clean tile and grout.
Acid is actually too abrasive for tile and grout and is a false presumption that acid is the best cleaning solution and is safely used to clean tile and grout to remove the stains and mildew. The grout will erode and change color.
Myth: To better scrub the grout joints, use wire brushes.
The truth is so much simpler, though there is an understanding as to why people scrubbing with vigor while using a wire brush will do the trick. Better results can be achieved without inflicting any damaging consequences with a soft bristle brush and a dissolving, grout cleaner.
Myth: To help remove compacted dirt and debris, leave soapy mixtures on grout and tile.
With appropriate cleaners, the idea is useful. Soapy mixtures, however, actually attracts more dust and dirt, causing it to stick to the surface, which makes it an actual bigger mess to clean.
Myth: Tile does not require maintenance.
Tile does require the least maintenance in comparison to most surfaces. But the tile does still require routine home care such as routine removal of daily dust and debris, spills and stains, as well as a professional deep cleaning from time to time.
Myth: Tile and grout doesn’t collect contaminants.
Any surface, even tile and especially grout will accumulate contaminates. If properly sealed, you can reduce the buildup, but over time the sealants, especially in areas with high foot traffic wear down, leaving vulnerable. With proper cleaning and treatments you can avoid a lot of the contaminants.
Myth: Regular mopping of tile and grout floors is the extent of the cleaning that is needed.
For keeping the surface area clean, routine mopping is a great practice. However, to the overall care of your tile, there is more maintenance involved. The dirt and bacteria that has settled into the grout is not eliminated with a surface cleaning. A deep professional cleaning is required to extract the buildup periodically.
Myth: Dish soap or other household cleaners are just as good, if not better than specific tile and grout cleaners.
One of the harder cleaners to rinse completely is dish soap. The dishwashing soap residue builds up on your tile and in the deep pours of the grout over time. Additionally, the household cleaners are not capable of a deep, penetrating cleaning. To ensure an effective clean, use the tile and grout cleaner specific to the type of stone you have.
Myth: For deep, stubborn dirt bleach is the only solution.
Bleach is ideal is ideal whitening and general surface disinfecting from time to time, but not constant use. Bleach will expedite the deterioration of the grout, causing it to be brittle and making it be susceptible to damage as well as causing the colors to lighten; it will also cause the floor to lose its shine.

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We hope this helps you take better care of your tile and grout and when it is due for deep cleaning and sealing, call in the professionals of Silver State Floor Restoration and let our experts get it done for you!

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