Tips for Preparation of Stripping & Waxing Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) Floors in North Las Vegas, NV; Remove Dust, Prevent Staining & More

VCT, or Vinyl Composition Tile, is an exceptionally common option for flooring, especially in commercial environments. VCT flooring does require care and maintenance to retain the shine and optimal condition. With routine care, you can extend the life of your VCT flooring and keep it looking great. Silver State Floor Restoration has compiled a list of tips and advice we would like to share in an effort to help you keep your VCT flooring in the best condition.

Tips for Stripping & Waxing Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) Floors

1) Remove Dust from Tile: Keeping the dust and debris off the floor daily is important; it can cause abrasions and scratches if left on the surface in combination with foot traffic creating friction. Use a soft bristled broom to clear the particles. Treat the spots and any residues with a damp mop from warm water and immediately follow up with a dry towel or cloth; do not let moisture to dry on its own.
2) Prevent Staining on Tile Floors: You can avoid staining by instantly mopping up any colored liquid or food spills that occur. If any lingering staining residues remain, use a solution of warm soapy water to remove the potential stain and don’t forget to immediately follow up with drying.
3) VCT Scrubbing: VCT scrubbing machines are ideal to ensure a deeper clean when it’s needed. It will make removing of the grit and grime a simpler task. After you have finished with the scrubbing, rinse the floor to ensure the soapy residues don’t remain and promptly dry the floors. After you are satisfied with the deep clean, apply three coats of stain resistant VCT wax to give your floor a vibrant polish.
4) Preventative Maintenance: Avoiding scratches, abrasions, and staining can really help the VCT floor’s overall condition and longevity. Adorn the floors with entry mats at the doors and area rugs that do not have rubber backing. The rubber backing will only contain the dirt and debris. Utilize UV window film, blinds, and/or curtains on the windows that permit direct sunlight from entering onto the flooring as sunlight will fade the colors. Finally, every 3-6 months rotate the furniture around to avoid denting around the flooring.
5) Professional VCT Stripping & Waxing Treatments: Professional care is equally important as your routine maintenance. Professionals generally cover the following:
Old Wax Strip Removal. Professionally potent formulas are used to strip away what’s left of the old wax to avoid over buildup, and with state of the art equipment the experts effectively get your VCT floor raw in preparation for the new application of wax.
Corners and Edges. Professional services are extremely thorough and will concentrate a lot of effort on the corners and edges to manually scrape away the old wax.
Wash, Rinse, Repeat: Following the removal of the old wax, the floor is thoroughly rinsed and if necessary, washing and rinsing is repeated, depending on the condition of the floors.
Wax Application. To achieve the ultimate levels of gloss, shine, and overall appearance, your expert applies between 3-5 coats of wax on your VCT flooring, if needed additional coats can be applied.

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