Top Causes of Early Grout Deterioration in Desert Shores, NV & How to Prevent Cracked Grout

Because of the increased resistance to many natural elements and the countless styles, colors, textures, and patterns it is available in, tile and grout is popularly used in homes all over the U.S. Though tile and grout are generally a more durable option, early deterioration of the grout can still happen. Today, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to share the common causes of early grout deterioration to help you avoid it.

Moisture is Bad for Grout Lines

Though most resistant compared to other options, long-term and excessive moisture can be bad for the grout. Grout easily absorbs moisture and debris, as it is a very porous material. Moisture exposure encourages mold growth, which accelerates the grouts decay and potentially puts you, family members, and pets’ health at risk.

How to Prevent Cracked Grout

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning – The potential deterioration grout can sustain from moisture can be avoided, even in rooms with high-moisture content such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. In addition to your own efforts, invest in expert deep tile and grout cleanings. In rooms subject to high moisture content or if you live in high humidity where moisture tends to cling to all surfaces, you will need more frequent cleanings.
Avoid Moisture on Tile Grout – Always hang damp or wet rugs to dry before placing them on tile floors and never let them or wet towels linger. Following a shower or accident spill, be sure to promptly clean it up. Utilize exhaust fans where applicable.
Grout Sealing – The installer should apply sealant when tile and grout is first installed. Being that grout and tile is very porous and can absorb nearly anything, the sealants provides a barrier to help it resist moisture and debris absorption. Typically, sealants should be reapplied once a year following a deep professional cleaning as sealant wear over time and use. In popular areas, you will need sealant applications more frequent. To test if the sealant is intact, drop an ounce of water over a selected area that includes both tile and grout. If after waiting a few moments, dark water spots form, it indicates that the sealant has worn away, and you need a new coating of sealant, however, if the water beads up instead on the surface, it suggests that the sealant is in good shape.
Avoid Harsh Cleaners – The use of the harsh or wrong chemicals to wash and treat your tile, especially natural stone, will prompt early deterioration of your grout and even tile. Make sure to invest in your deep, professional tile and grout cleaning one or more times of year in addition to your floor washing. When you clean your tile and grout, always use a mild cleaner that is appropriate to the type of tile you have. Inspect the label and ensure your tile type is included in safe cleaning applications. Stick to using plain water to wipe away spots and residues if you are ever unsure as to what to use.

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