Travertine Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in Tuscany Village, NV; Using Wrong Cleaners & More

Travertine is a form of limestone with a fibrous, marble-like texture available in several earth-toned colors. Historically, Travertine used in architecture was sourced from the mountains of Italy; nowadays, Travertine is sourced from Iran, Mexico, Peru, and Turkey. Travertine is a durable natural stone that adds elegance and luxury to your home and has a sleek appearance that adds beauty to any space and is a popular option for flooring, countertops, and walls. By nature, Travertine is porous and can absorb dirt, oil, and liquids. To keep travertine tile looking its best, Silver State Floor Restoration experts recommend their professional cleaning, restoration, polishing, and sealing services to prevent damage, extend life, and enhance the natural beauty of your stone countertops and flooring.

Travertine Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Following are travertine cleaning mistakes to avoid between professional cleaning and sealing services.
1. Using Generic Cleaning Products: Your local supermarket is a great place to buy groceries, but finding the right cleaning product to clean and maintain your Travertine can be challenging. Many products in the store are generic and advertised to clean natural stone, yet some chemical components contained in the product can cause damage to your Travertine. Your Silver State Floor Restoration Specialist can advise you on the best products to clean and preserve your countertops and floors between professional cleaning, polishing, and sealing services.
2. Using Abrasive Cleaning Products: Abrasive cleansers and powders are great for removing stubborn surface stains on certain surfaces. These types of cleaners are not recommended for stone and can also cause significant damage to your Travertine, creating scratch marks that make the tile’s surface appear rough. The Silver State Floor Restoration experienced flooring technicians do not recommend using abrasive products; instead, use a product specifically formulated to cleanse and protect your Travertine countertops and floors.
3. Home Remedies: Many people like to use natural home remedies like lemon and vinegar mixed with baking soda to clean surfaces. Cleaning Travertine with acidic products like lemon and vinegar can damage the stone’s surface by causing etching and erosion. If your natural stone countertops and floors are stained, and the surface has etched marks, contact your Silver State Floor Restoration experts for professional stain removal and restoration.
4. Placing Hot Pots Directly on Your Travertine: Placing hot pans, coffee mugs, or other hot items directly onto the surface of your natural Travertine should always be avoided. Heat can weaken the stone and make it vulnerable to cracks, chips, and etching. Always use a coaster or trivet to prevent heat damage.
5. Mopping Floors: When you think of cleaning your floors, your first thought is to reach for a mop. Moping is an excellent option for many types of floors, but it is a no-no for travertine tile. Mopping with soap and water can damage the stone, cause fill loss, and even encourage microbial growth that can discolor your flooring.
6. Vacuuming Travertine: Gritty dirt and debris can scratch travertine flooring, and reaching for a vacuum will cause even more damage in the form of chipping and cracking your floor. Extend your Travertine floors’ longevity using a broom to sweep up surface dirt instead of a vacuum.

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