What Can Damage Marble Floors in The Lakes, NV? What Cleaners & Tools Should Not Be Used & More

There is nothing more beautiful than a marble floor. This high-end stone can add elegance in any setting. This can make it all the more disheartening when you damage your marble floor as you’re cleaning it. While marble may be a durable stone, it is more susceptible to damage than you may think it is. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to talk about some of the mistakes you may be making that could damage your marble flooring.

Can I Use Vinegar on Marble Floors?

More and more people are starting to use vinegar as they clean their homes. It can be extremely helpful in many different applications. However, cleaning any marble surface isn’t one of them. It is highly acidic which ends up causing etching that you can’t reverse. Any cleaner than you are using on a marble surface has to have a pH of 7 which is neutral. It is also important to point out that you shouldn’t be using vinegar to clean any natural stone surface. When you use a neutral cleaning solution to clean your natural stone, you will bring out its beauty rather than damage it.

Use Welcome Mats on Marble

Many people underestimate the power of a good doormat at the entrance of their home. This allows the dirt and debris that is often found on the shoes of those entering to be removed before making contact with your marble flooring. Dirt can have a negative impact on your marble floor and lead to scratching that you won’t be able to get rid of. This is why it is so important to sweep and mop your floor often.

Avoid Using Abrasive Cleaning Tools

Not only should you use the right cleaner when you’re cleaning your marble flooring, you need to use the right cleaning tools as well. There are some that will leave damage in their wake rather than clean the floor. If there is any staining or etching on your marble surface, it may be tempting to attempt to scrub them away. This only makes the problem worse though.

Is Sealing Marble Necessary?

When you have marble in your home, it’s important to remember that you need to have the surface sealed. Some natural stones are going to be more stain resistant than others. Marble is one of those stones that can be stained rather easily. When you have your marble sealed, it will be far less likely to stain. It will repel water and moisture rather than soak it up. To check the sealant on your marble, allow water to sit on the surface for several minutes. If the water stays beaded up, the sealant is still intact.

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