What Causes Tile Grout to Crack & Crumble in Las Vegas, NV; Bad Installation Job, Deterioration from Spills & More

If you have chosen to have hard surface floors in your home you know that you will have grout as well. The grout is placed between your tiles that are used. This can be stone such as granite, travertine, marble and more. You also can have tile that is manmade that is not made from stone but other materials such as clay. You want to make sure you know what it takes to have grout clean and in good shape through the time that you have your stone floors. The stone may be long lasting but only if your grout is able to hold up as well. There are things that can cause the grout to become damaged and there are things you can do to avoid these issues from happening. Silver State Floor Restoration outlines what can cause damage to your grout.

Bad Grout Installation Job

One of the things that people don’t realize is that having stone installed in your home is a process that is best left to professionals. The professionals are there to make sure that the stone goes down smooth and even. They also make sure that the tiles are secured and in place so that they are long lasting. One part of the stone is that there are gaps in the middle of the tile that has to be filled in. This is where the grout comes into play. The grout can start to become damaged and one of the reasons is the grout is not installed properly. The grout has to be mixed into the correct compound and then applied to the floor. When it is not done properly the grout can start to crumble and break or crack. Once this starts the grout can come out of place and the stone can become compromised.

Grout Deterioration from Spills

The other problem that you might be coming across is that the grout has to be taken care of just like the rest of the floor. The grout has to be treated and cleaned and if they are not the spills and the messes that land on the grout happen to break down the grout. The grout is at a lower level and that means the water and the chemicals can land in these gaps. As they sit there it can start to break down the grout and this will make it so that the grout is soft and breaks. The grout has to be cleaned properly so that these things are not left to absorb in the grout and destroy it.

Most Grout Needs Sealing

One of the things that many people don’t realize about stone and tile is that they require work to be done to keep them clean and secure. When you have a professional come out to clean your stone floors you want to make sure that the grout has been cleaned as well. Then you want to make sure that the grout is sealed as well. The sealant will help to secure it so that it is long lasting and is not becoming damaged.

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