What Cleaning Products Should Not Be Used on Marble in Canyon Gate, NV & What Happens if You Don’t Seal It?

Having marble can look magnificent in your house. If you have marble in your house the last thing you want to do is ruin it by doing something you thought would help but ended up making it worse. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to help you with just that. We are going to go over a few marble cleaning mistakes that people make and what will happen if you make these mistakes. Then hopefully you won’t make the same mistakes.

Can Vinegar Damage Marble?

Vinegar is a great natural cleaner that many people use to clean inside their house, so they don’t have to use harsh chemicals. But if you have marble floors you do not want to use vinegar. If you are using any acidic solutions like vinegar on your marble it can “burn” the marble. The best thing you can do to clean the marble is to choose a cleaner with a pH level of seven, which is neutral. This will clean your marble without causing damage to it.

What Happens if You Don’t Seal Marble?

Spills happen, and when they do you want to make sure that after the cleanup your marble is still looking good. Marble is more porous than granite which means it’s easier to stain when spills are allowed to sit on it. If you do not seal your marble a spill can end up staining your marble. This will make it hard to get your marble clean and looking nice again without professional help. Sealing the marble can help the cleaning process when spills do happen.

Welcome Mats & Doormats Protect Marble

If you have marble floors the best thing you can do is go out and find a nice doormat to use in your house. Not using a doormat can be a big mistake. The gritty particles in dirt and debris are abrasive and when it gets on the marble floors it can lead to etches and scratches all over the marble. Having a doormat can help stop a lot of these particles from getting on your floors, keeping your floors from being scratched.

Abrasive Tools Etch & Damage Marble

When you get etches or stains on your floor, don’t assume you can buff out those etches and stains with a hard scrubbing pad. It can make it worse and does little to nothing to help get rid of the problem you are having on your marble. The only way to fix etched or stained stone is to have it restored by a professional like Silver State Floor Restoration. You will want a professional to come to your home and fix it with their tools.

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Many cleaning products and tools that you have used in the past on different types of floors may have worked, but trying to use those things on a marble floor will only leave you with more problems. If you are having any problems or need help cleaning your marble, give Silver State Floor Restoration a call. We know how to properly fix your marble that has been stained or etched!

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