What Is Terrazzo Tile Flooring & How Best To Keep It Clean & Maintained in Las Vegas NV

There are many options when it comes to hard surface flooring. Many people choose to go with a tile and grout flooring option. The type of tile that is used varies widely from man-made tiles made from porcelain to natural stone floors that can be made from granite, marble and travertine. One of the other options that is not quite as common but is a great fit for many home is terrazzo floors. If you are looking into some flooring options be sure to know all about the flooring that you are looking at including the best way to clean and restore it.

Las Vegas Floor Restoration explains what terrazzo floors are and how to care, clean and restore them when needed.

What Is A Terrazzo Floor: If you want to go with a terrazzo floor you should know what it is made from. It is a tile flooring and it is made from mostly natural stone pieces. The difference is that they are not made from slabs of natural stone but small chips and pieces. The pieces of the stones that are used are chipped up and set in a mold that is held together with some kind of binding agent such as polymeric. After the tiles are formed in the mold they are laid out to dry and harden. They are then sanded and polished down to create a nice clean and uniform surface. If you look closely at a terrazzo floor you can see the small chips of stone that make up the tiles. The finished product looks multicolored and are usually made with the same set of hues so that the outcome is beautiful. This style floor is found in many home and business including schools and churches.

How To Care For & Restore Terrazzo Floors: A terrazzo floor is a great option if you want something that is made to last. The floor is not hard to upkeep and can be cleaned easily. You can also have them lasting a long time if you have them treated and restored by a professional. The floors have to be buffed and have the sealant removed so that it is prepped to reseal. This process will remove the majority of the dirt and grime that has set in the flooring and let you start fresh with a new coat of sealant. Be sure to have your floors looked at by a professional to determine if they can be restored before you pay to replace them.

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