What is the Best Trick for Cleaning Tile & Grout in Silverado Ranch, NV? Keep Floor Dry & More

Whether you just moved into a house or you’ve been living there for many years, you want to keep your tile and grout looking like new. While hiring a professional to come clean your tile and grout is one of the best things for it, you need to follow a few tips so that you can keep your tile and grout looking nice in between professional cleanings. Silver State Floor Restoration offers some helpful tips below.

Keep Tiled Floor Dry

You never want to leave your tile wet. When it stays wet then mold and mildew will start to grow on it. Whether it is a spill on the kitchen floor or you just took a shower and the shower is wet. You need to wipe down any wet spots on your tile. Leaving the window open or having a fan run can help reduce the amount of humidity that is in the bathroom, this can help the water to dry faster.

Use Mats on Tile Floors

Placing mats in areas where there is a lot of wear and tear can help prevent your tile from getting dirty and looking worn out. Place mats in front of your doors. When people enter the house, they will step on the mat instead of directly on your tile. This will help catch dirt and debris plus any water that may come in on a rainy day or snowy winters. Place mats in front of kitchen sinks and in front of the shower and tub. This can help catch any splashes and wet footprints from getting onto the tile.

Vacuum Regularly to Avoid Tracking Dirt on Tile Flooring

When people come inside your home they are tracking in dirt from on their feet. To help keep your floors clean, you will want to vacuum regularly so that you can pick up that dirt before it gets down inside your tile and grout. If you have pets, then there is a chance that you have pet hair and dirt on your tile. Vacuuming can help reduce the amount of hair that is floating around your house. It is important that you vacuum your tile. This can help keep your tile looking cleaner.

Make Sure Grout is Sealed

Your grout is very porous. If it is not sealed properly or it needs to be resealed then any water or dirt can get down inside of your grout. When this happens it will make it dirty and weak. When you seal your tile it can help prevent any water and dirt from seeping down inside of your grout. If your grout is a different color than it is supposed to be this is because dirt and water have gone down inside it. Cleaning it and then re-sealing it can help you get your grout the color it is supposed to be, plus protect the grout.

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Hiring a professional to clean your tile and grout is the best way for it to look beautiful and shiny again. Over time it will start to get dull and dirty. A professional can clean with their specialized equipment to get your tile and grout looking like it once did. If it is time for you to get a tile and grout cleaning then give Silver State Floor Restoration a call.

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