What is the Best Way to Clean Slate Stone to Look New Again in Seven Hills, NV?

Slate is a metamorphic rock, which has become a preferred choice for homeowners and interior designers due to its natural beauty, durability, and long lasting performance. Despite its strength, like all natural stones, slate requires periodic cleaning and care to maintain its beauty over time. Silver State Floor Restoration would like to cover the basics of slate stone cleaning and basic care to help you keep your natural stone surface beauty and longevity.

Identifying the Characteristics of Slate

First lets cover what makes slate stone so unique. Slate stone, known for its fine grain texture and vibrant color ranges from grays to earthy reds, provides a rustic yet elegant appeal. However, these colors can be masked over time by accumulated grime, dust, or improper cleaning methods. Additionally, slate stone is prone to scratches and has the potential for chipping under hard impact, which only highlights the importance of proper care and the occasional professional assistance.

Routine Slate Cleaning

Routine cleaning is the first line of defense in maintaining the beauty and durability of your slate stone. Here are some easy steps that should be applied into your regular slate stone cleaning routine:
• Dusting: Dust and sweep your slate surfaces regularly to prevent build-up of debris that can scratch the stone. Using a soft, dry dust mop or a vacuum with a brush attachment to gently and thoroughly clean the surface of your slate stone.
• Washing: Use warm water and a few drops of a mild dish soap or a stone-specific cleaner. Avoid acidic or harsh cleaning products, as they can etch the slate. Rinse thoroughly after washing to remove any soap residue. Always test a small area first when using a new cleaning solution.
• Drying: To prevent water spots and streaks, dry your slate surfaces with a soft, clean cloth immediately after washing.

Deep Slate Cleaning

Despite your best efforts at routine cleaning, slate may occasionally need a deep clean. This may involve a slate-specific stone cleaner or for more stubborn stains, a poultice may be necessary. As slate and other stone is a major investment, you may want to consider having a professional cleaning service perform deep cleanings.

Sealing Slate

Slate stone, being a porous stone absorbs liquids which can lead to staining and erosion. To prevent this, sealing your slate surface is essential. Sealing not only protects against stains but also enhances the natural colors of the stone. Use a sealant specifically designed for slate, then apply as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember, sealants wear off over time and slate should typically be re-sealed every 1-2 years, depending on usage and traffic. To ensure the stone is properly protected, consider having a professional seal your precious stone for you.

Preventing Damage to Slate

o ensure the longevity of your slate surface, apply these simply yet beneficial steps:
• Use protective mats under hot dishes, ceramics, silver or other objects that can scratch the surface.
• Immediately wipe up spills to prevent potential staining.
• Avoid dragging heavy objects across the slate surface to prevent scratches or chips.

Slate Stone Repairs

Chips, cracks, or scratches may occur over time. Small, scratches can often be buffed out using fine steel wool. Deeper damage might require professional repair. If you have sealed your slate, remember to reseal any areas that have been repaired.

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Maintaining slate stone requires a lot of dedication and education. Make sure to do research on the stone you have in your home and how to properly care for it. For professional stone cleaning, sealing and more, contact Silver State Floor Restoration today.

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