What is the Best Way to Clean Stained Concrete Floors & Fix Discoloration in Desert Shores, NV?

There isn’t a flooring option out there that is maintenance free. Concrete floors are easier than other types of flooring, but still need attention on a regular basis. Areas that get lots of foot traffic will need more care and the care for commercial versus residential concrete flooring will be different. Residential concrete flooring will require simple cleaning with sweeping and damp mopping from time to time. This will keep them looking great for years to come. Concrete floors can be protected with a sealer and a coat of floor finish or wax. This will do a great job at resisting stains, chemicals and wear and tear. Are there ways to make your concrete floors easier to maintain?

Maintenance Tips; Caring for Decorative Concrete

1. Try to avoid floor designs that have sawcut patterns as the narrow cuts trap dirt.
2. Occasional dusting will remove dust and dirt that can scratch your floor. Mopping with a neutral cleaner will enhance the shine.
3. Use a good floor sealer to protect your concrete floors, unless it’s polished. A good floor sealer also prolongs the life of your floors and enhances the beauty of it.
4. You can add protection to your floors by using a floor wax formulated for concrete floors. This finish will help protect against stains, dirt and abrasions. It will need to be applied when signs of wear start to show.
5. Heavier traffic areas need mats for protection. Place mats inside entryways and outside entryways.
6. Concrete floors are a great choice for pet owners as pet hair and dander is easier to clean up on concrete and messy paws are easily wiped up.
7. Your concrete floor contractor will advise you on a recommended maintenance schedule. Following it will keep your floor looking great.
8. Don’t use cleaning solutions, sealers and waxes that aren’t made for concrete flooring. Ask the contractor for a recommendation.

Fixing Minor Concrete Surface Defects & Discoloration

Concrete floors can have a buffing compound applied to restore their luster. When concrete floors need a little more than buffing, the floors can be lightly re-polished with a fine-grit abrasive. Minor cracks, scratches and gouges can happen, and they are almost always easy to repair with a patching material. More severe cracking may need resurfacing with an overlay and usually blends in with the rest of the floor. The dyes used with concrete flooring penetrate deeply into the surface for a permanent color that won’t flake, peel or crack. If acid stains react with concrete chemically, it can cause color variations that weren’t planned. Stains and spills can also absorb into areas that haven’t been sealed. There are methods that can be used to fix these discolorations. Tinted sealers can be applied to blend the colors or the whole floor can be stained or dyed again with a new coat.

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