What Maintenance Does Marble Require in Las Vegas, NV? DIY Care & Professional Service

When you have marble in your home it can be in many places such as the floor, backsplash, countertop, and showers. With all the many places where you can have marble, you want to know how to take care of it properly. Taking care of it properly can help it keep its beauty longer. Silver State Floor Restoration offer helpful marble maintenance tips below.

How Do You Take Care of Marble Floors?

Marble flooring can add elegance to your room. But when it comes to marble you have to take care of it properly, so that it continues to look nice and stay elegant.
– Use dust mop- You want to remove any dirt or grit that gets on your marble flooring to protect it. You should do this regularly. The best thing you can use is a dust mop. When you use a dust mop, it will not scratch your floor. Just make sure that you clean your dust mop every time after use. You never want to use a vacuum on marble. The wheels or other pieces of the vacuum can damage your marble.
– Use rugs – In high-traffic areas and doorways you should put down mats or rugs. This can help catch the dirt when you walk in your house or high-traffic areas. You want to do this so that it does not get on your marble floor and your marble floor will last longer
– Blot when cleaning spills- Spills happen, but when they happen on marble, you do not want to wipe up a spill. You want to blot the spill and you want to do it quickly when it happens. The reason you want to blot instead of wipe is so that the liquid does not spread any further on your marble. When you have it cleaned up, you can use mild dish soap and water to clean it better, then you can dry it with a soft cloth.

How Do You Maintain Marble in Bathrooms & Kitchens?

– Clean showers and dry it- When you shower, you use shampoos, conditioners, body wash, and other soaps. These items have ingredients that can discolor marble. The best way to prevent it from discoloring is to spray down your shower, and then wipe it down with a soft cloth after you shower.
– Soap scum- As much as you try to prevent soap scum from happening, it may still happen. You can use a pH natural cleaner that is safe for marble tiles. Do not use any cleaning supplies that contain vinegar, bleach, ammonia, commercial cleaners, or any scrubbing pads. These will ruin marble.
– Clean backsplashes – Backsplashes catch a lot of food and drink that splatter from a spill or cooking. Many times backsplashes get left or forgotten to wipe down because it’s not always right in front of you to see it all the time. You need to clean by blotting cleaning any spills that happen on your backsplashes. Using a gentle pH natural dish soap and warm water can help clean your marble backsplash.

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When you have marble in your house, you want to keep it looking elegant. Even though it may be more work cleaning up your spills or wiping down your showers immediately it can help keep that elegant look you had when you first got it. If your marble does not look as great as you wanted it to, then give Silver State Floor Restoration a call to come and restore your marble.

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