What Not to Do or Use on Marble Countertops in The Lakes, NV; Acidic Cleaners & More

If you have marble countertops then you know how beautiful they can be. You do not want those countertops to start looking dull, worn out, and have a lot of scratches on them because you are not taking care of them. Silver State Floor Restoration outlines a few tips below that can help you avoid some mistakes that many homeowners make when they have marble countertops.

Do Not Clean Marble with Acidic Cleaners

When you clean your marble services, you need to be careful about what type of product you are using. Marble, travertine, and limestone can react to anything that has acid in it. When this happens, it can leave marks that look like it has been burned, it will lose its glossiness or other types of damage can happen to it. You want to find a good cleaner that is a gentle cleaner with a pH of 7. A lot of natural cleaners that you use have vinegar in them. Vinegar is very acidic and can damage your marble countertops.

Not Sealing Marble is a Mistake

Marble is a more porous natural stone. This means that after a spill has happened it can seep into the marble and leave stains. If you neglect to seal your marble, then you will end up ruining that marble, because even water can seep into the marble and cause discoloration. The best way to protect your marble is to seal it. This gives it an added layer of protection, for when those spills and water get on your marble. When you steal it, you can also choose what kind of finish you want. You can get a glossy, matte or satin look to your marble.

Marble Errors; Not Protecting & Dusting

Natural countertops can give your home a beautiful, elegant look. But they are also very vulnerable to any sand, dirt, and debris. Any gritty particles can scratch or damage your countertops. Frequently, dusting can help get rid of and protect your marble countertops. If you have marble flooring, floor mats can help catch a lot of that dirt and debris. But you will also want to use a dry dust mop to clean your floor. Vacuuming or using a broom is not recommended as it could scratch your floor.

Using Abrasive Tools on Marble

When you get any etches, scratches, or stains on your marble countertops, you may think you could clean them with cleaning pads or scrub brushes. While you can do this on another type of countertops you cannot do this on marble. It will make the etches, scratches, or stains even worse. It will ruin the surfaces making them rough and leaving unfinished edges, which will then make it more vulnerable to stains and water damage. When you have edges, scratches, or stains, it is best to call a professional to come clean or refinish your countertops.

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Following these few tips can help you avoid making mistakes on your countertop and can help your countertops stay beautiful longer. If you have any etches, scratches, or stains on your countertop and need them cleaned and refinished, then give Silver State Floor Restoration a call.

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