Why Clean Tile & Grout Should Be a Part of Spring Cleaning Your Home in Summerlin, NV

When you start to spring clean do you ever consider that you need to clean your tile? Getting your tile professionally cleaned in spring can make a huge difference in your home. Even though professional cleaning is important, how do you clean your tile daily because a professional cannot come every day? Silver State Floor Restoration will go over some ways that you can clean your tile floor in the spring in between a professional cleaning.

Get Rid of Dust on Tiled Floors

It is important that you start your tile cleaning routine by removing all the dust. This will help get your tile significantly cleaner. You may want to use a vacuum or dust cloth to start cleaning it. A microfiber cloth will also work great, a microfiber cloth will not leave any streaks or fibers behind.

Cleaning Tile Floors with Microfiber Cloths & Water

Often when we clean we think we need to use harsh chemicals to deep clean. But the use of just water can be underestimated. Make sure you use warm water and a microfiber cloth. Get the microfiber cloth fully emerged in warm. Then wring the cloth out well, you do not want to have a lot of water. It can prolong the process or prevent proper cleaning. With light, strokes wipe your tile floor. Do not forget to rinse out your cloth to prevent you from wiping dirty water all over the floor.

Using Soap to Clean Tile Flooring

Now even though water can go a long way sometimes you have to go a little deeper to get the grime off your floor. In this case, you’ll need to get some type of cleaner such as a stone cleaner or a miracle brand of tile cleaner. You should never use harsh cleaners on your ceramic tile. These harsh cleaners may include anything with ammonia, bleach, or acid. These cleaners will harm your grout and tile over time. They may also leave a cloudy residue, when you use cleaners that are meant for ceramic tile it will leave your tile looking clean.

Benefits of Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

When you get your tiles and grout professionally cleaned it comes with many benefits. You can get germs and bacteria that get down inside the pores of your grout. This could end up causing allergies. A professional can come in and clean your grout and get rid of those germs and bacteria. Also having a professional clean your tile and grout can make it last longer. They are cleaning it the correct way and can get rid of that dirt and grime helping your tile and grout be stronger. And of course, it makes your floors look better. Your floor can end up looking dirty and even a different color when they are not professionally cleaned.

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A professional like Silver State Floor Restoration can come and clean your tile and grout helping you get your tile and grout clean again. It is a great time during the spring to get a professional to come to clean your tile and grout to help spring cleaning get done even on the floor.

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