Why is My Grout Crumbing in North Las Vegas, NV & Is Cracked Grout a Problem that Needs Repair?

Most homes have several types of flooring. Most of the time homeowners want to have different floors so that they can have some that are soft and comfortable like carpet. These are mostly kept in bedrooms and can be in some of the main living spaces. The other type is a hard surface floor which can include hardwood, tile and even stone. If you have stone floors you get to enjoy a beautiful and elegant look. They are a great option that are long lasting as long as they are cared for properly. They need to be cleaned and polished properly and by a professional to ensure that they are not damaged. The stone is installed in two parts with the stone tile being one and the grout being the other. Once the stone has been secured and placed the lines that are in-between each of the spaces are closed in with grout. This is a product that is used when you install any type of tile from manmade tile to natural stone. The grout also has to be taken care of to ensure that it is not being damaged. Silver State Floor Restoration outlines what might be causing your grout to become damaged.

How To Tell Your Grout Is Damaged

The first thing that you need to do is to look at the grout or the lines in between the tile. This can take some time depending on the amount of tile or stone that you have in your house. You want to look for a few signs that the grout is damaged and in need or restoration. The first and most common issue is when you see gaps in the grout lines. This can be small piece that looks like the grout has chipped away from the tile and the grout. These gaps may not seem like a big deal but they can be problematic. You also might start to see that your grout has some areas that seem stained badly and cleaning is not taking the coloration away.

What Causes Grout to Crack & Crumble?

There are a few things that are commonly found when you have damaged grout in your house. One is when the tile or stone was installed in the house the grout was not done properly or professionally. It can also become damaged if you used a grout product that was low grade. It can also be a problem in a home that is still settling and the tile is shifting. This might cause the grout to crack and pieces to come loose. The other issue can come when you don’t have your grout cleaned and you allow cleaning solutions and acidic spills to permeate the grout. The damage can cause the grout to crack and come loose.

Is Cracked Grout a Problem?

You might be thinking that a small piece of missing grout is not a big deal but it can be. The small missing piece is enough to allow moisture and dirt to get under the tile. This can lead to mold and mildew growth as well as the tile coming up loose from the floor as well. It is best to have your grout installed properly, sealed and cleaned professionally.

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