Why is My White Grout Turning Brown in Summerlin North, NV & How to Whiten?

Looking at your tile, you may notice some places where it is the beautiful color that you once had but in the more high-traffic areas, it may look brown and dingy. How does this happen you may ask? You have been cleaning and you take care of it, so why is it not looking like it should? Silver State Floor Restoration wants to help you understand why this happens.

Why Does Grout Turn Brown?

Grout is a super porous material. It will absorb anything that comes in contact with it. If you have tile in a very high-traffic area, such as showers and floors, then dirt, grime, and water can get down inside those pores and turn your beautiful white grout into a dingy brown.

Cleaning Can Cause Grout to Discolor

As strange as this sounds when you try to clean your tile floors, it can contribute to the dingy brown grout that you did not want to have. Even though you have good intentions to keep your house and floors clean the water and detergent that you are putting on your floors, can go deep down inside your pores and create grime. Once the water and cleaner dries the dirt can get sealed into the grout, causing your grout to look dirty.

Shower Grout Can Turn Brown from Moisture

Showers are a perfect place where you may notice that the grout is turning brown versus the beautiful white color it once had. The dampness in the shower is a reason why it becomes discolored. Your shower is such a wet environment it becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew. After you have cleaned your shower, you may notice that the brown comes back quicker than it does in other places in your home. When this happens, it means that there is more mold and mildew deep down inside your grout. So, even though you were cleaning your shower, the mold and mildew start spreading quickly after you have cleaned it.

How Does a Professional Whiten Brown Grout?

You may be a little confused right now, how do you clean your grout? If you clean your grout you are only making your grout look brown what can you do? Well, there is good news Silver State Floor Restoration can clean, seal and regrout your tile making your dingy brown grout look white and new again.
Deep Cleaning Grout – They will use hot water and a low-pressure vapor grout cleaning process. When they use this, dirt, mold, and mildew will become forced out of the pores that it was once embedded in. You will be shocked at the difference between you cleaning your grout versus a professional, especially in those high-traffic areas.
Color Sealing – Do you ever have a desire to change the color of your grout? Maybe you feel like white or a light color is hard to keep clean. Silver State Floor Restoration can change the color of your grout by using a grout color sealer. This is not painting the grout. They use a special sealant that goes into the pores of your grout and delivers a new color and it protects your grout.
Regrouting – Over time the grout starts to crack and break because of the aging of the grout. Sometimes the age of the tile is old enough that it is hard to get the brown appearance out. If you would like to re-grout your grout, Silver State Floor Restoration is happy to come in and remove your old grout and replace it with new beautiful grout and the color that you want.

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Don’t hesitate to call Silver State Floor Restoration to get your grout cleaned, sealed, and/or re-grouted. You don’t want to live in a home where your grout looks dirty and old.

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