Why You Should Seal Your Granite Countertops in Spring Valley, NV; Prevent Stains, Reduce Etching & More

When you choose granite countertops, you know that they are going to withstand the tests of time. While they may seem like an indestructible choice, you will still need to care for and maintain them. One thing that some people may not realize when they choose granite for their countertops is that it needs to be sealed to keep it in good condition. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to talk about sealing your granite countertops, and how often it needs to be done.

Do You Need to Seal Granite Countertops Every Year?

While in the past, the answer to the question of how often granite countertops need to be sealed was on a yearly basis, there have been some advancements that have been made to many sealers that professionals use. That isn’t always the case now. Just like most things, there is no one answer to this question. There are some factors that come into play when it comes to how often your granite countertops need to be professionally sealed.

Factors in Sealing Granite Countertops

There are some factors that come into play that can determine how often you need to have your countertops sealed.
– If you are someone that spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you will probably need to seal your countertop more often just because of wear and tear.
– The chemicals that you use on your countertops to get them clean will have an impact on how often you have to seal them. Some chemicals will breakdown the sealant.
– The color of your granite has an impact, believe it or not. If you have a darker granite, it is going to be denser than lighter granites and won’t be as porous.

How to Extend a Countertop Resealing Period

One of the best ways to extend the time between your countertop sealing is going to be choosing a high quality and long-lasting sealer. Your best bet at getting it to last longer will be to have a professional handle your countertop sealing. You can also buy cleaners that have a trace of the sealant built into them. That way, every time you are cleaning your countertops, you are going to be replenishing the traces of sealant you would normally be losing due to normal wear and tear.

How to Test Your Sealant

The best way to test the sealant on your countertop is to use water. You can put some droplets of water on different areas of your countertop to see if they seep into the stone or if they bead up. Let the water sit for five minutes and then come back and check.

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