Benefits of Professional Marble Sealing & Polishing in Aliante, NV; Increase Density, Restore Shine & More

Marble is one of the most beautiful and elegant of natural stones that is in high demand. Marble can be found in many homes. They are used for countertops, flooring, tabletops, and even fireplace mantles. Marble itself is typically easy to clean but does require proper maintenance and care. Marble is one of the softer stones and contains tiny pores which makes it vulnerable to erosion. Silver State Floor Restoration would like to share the benefits of professional marble stone sealing and polishing.

Increase Marble Density

When you properly maintain marble by sealing and polishing the stone, marble will have a higher density. Unsealed and unpolished marble is less dense. The surface of the stone is open and acidic liquids can easily seep into the pores. When the stone is sealed and polished, the tiny pores fill in with the sealer which helps to bind the stone while preventing moisture from seeping into the stone’s pores. Not only is the inside of the stone protected but the surface of the marble as well. Marble is a very soft stone, rating around 4 out of 10 on the hardness scale. Marble can get scratches and other surface damage much easier than the other stones. For this reason marble is a stone that just doesn’t have benefits but demands to be sealed and polished.

Sealed Marble is Easier to Keep Clean

When marble has a proper protective coating, nothing will seep into the pores which will prevent the stone from developing stains. Yes! Marble can get stains. The pores can easily absorb liquids. The light colored stone will easily reveal its stains. The sealer will help to prevent liquids from seep into the pores and leave behind a permanent stain. The sealer makes cleaning the stone surface much easier. However, even with a sealer it is important to wipe off liquids quickly. As the sealer wears down, the marble is open to stains.

Restore Shine to Marble

Marble when not sealed looks rather dull and the beautiful grains in the stone diminish. To really bring out the stone’s amazing color and grain pattern, the stone should be polished and sealed. The sealer really helps to create the glossy and vibrant look of marble. Marble will shine when properly sealed, if not to protect the stone sealing the stone will enhance its beauty.

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To properly maintain polished and sealed marble, it is strongly encouraged to seek professional assistance. Professionals will know how to safely clean, polish, and repair scratches on the stone. A professional service will also use some of the higher quality marble sealers. Along with professional cleaning, sealing and polishing services, you can schedule ongoing maintenance services. This way you don’t have to remember to maintain the stone sealer yourself. You can have a marble sealing and polishing service come to your home when the stone is due for a new application of sealer. Depending on the quality or type of sealer used, marble needs to be resealed every 6 months to a year. For those who have marble stone in your home and need help maintaining this precious stone, contact Silver State Floor Restoration.

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