How to Polish & Restore Limestone Countertops & Floor Tiles in Lone Mountain Village, NV

Comprised from the bones and shells of ocean-dwelling organisms, limestone is a dense and sedimentary type of rock. Placed on countertops, floors and other types of tiled surfaces, limestone is a suitable rock that is commonly used. By grinding, honing and polishing, the limestone floors can be resurfaced. Compared to marble or granite, limestone requires less effort in polishing, fortunately. Limestone requires regular cleaning and maintenance when you consider polishing your limestone tile surfaces. Today, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to discuss the polishing steps.

Limestone Polishing Kit Supplies

Below are the simple steps to polish your limestone tile floors. Be sure to gather the following supplies:
– Sponge
– pH neutral stone cleaner
– Hand polisher (7-inch variable speed, 600-3000 rpm)
– 11000-grit diamond pad
– A water filled bucket
– 3000-grit diamond pad
Caution: Make certain to wear eye and hand protection while polishing the limestone.

How to Polish Natural Stone Limestone Floors

Steps: Below are the standard steps to polish limestone tile.
1) Start by cleaning the floors. Begin by sweeping the surface well, removing all manner of dirt and debris from the surface.
2) Using sponge, wash the limestone floors with a pH neutral stone cleaner. Once washed, be sure to rinse the surface with plain, clean water.
3) By using a 3000-grit diamond pad, polish the limestone surface with a hand polisher set at a low speed. In an oval pattern for 15 to 30 seconds, rotate the polisher counterclockwise.
4) Inspect the floor surface to see if it has achieved the desired level of polish. If it is not quite as polished as you like, repeat step 3. Make sure to maintain limestone floors slightly wet as you polish. Overlapping sections of 4 to 6 inches as you polish the limestone tile floor.
5) At this time, the 3000-grit diamond pad should be removed. Using a sponge and pure water, rinse the surface well.
6) On to the polisher, add an 11000-grit diamond pad. With an 11000-grit diamond pad, repeat 3 and 4. Remove the pad and rinse the surface well with water.
7) Leave the surface to air dry completely after cleaning with water.
Caution: To maintain its shiny look, clean your limestone flooring regularly with pH stone cleaner.
Where polishing is simple enough, to anyone who has never done the job, it can be scary and overwhelming. Instead of second guessing yourself, and being stressed during the process, call in the professionals to ensure the job is done right.

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With the professionals of Silver State Floor Restoration, we can complete all the maintenance of your limestone tile flooring with high-quality results. From cleaning and polishing your limestone can be easily restored to its full potential. Silver State Floor Restoration experts have the skills, training, and experience and using premium products and advanced equipment, we can maximize the results of your limestone tile maintenance results. Call our friendly office today and let make an appointment to provide expert limestone cleaning and polishing services to your Greater Las Vegas, NV area home or business.

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