Benefits of Sealing Natural Stone Tile in Las Vegas, NV; Prevent Mold, Reduce Stains, Easier Cleaning & More

Sealing tile and grout is an important maintenance routine that should be performed as often as needed. With routine cleaning done by the homeowner and deep cleaning done once a year by a professional, along with daily wear, the sealant coating eventually depletes. There are many benefits of sealants on tile and grout where sealant is applicable. Silver State Floor Restoration would like to list just a handful of those benefits and advantages.

Benefits of Sealing Natural Stone Tile

1) Prevent of Mold & Mildew on Bathroom Tile. Sealants provide a barrier, which keeps much of the humidity and moisture from seeping into the tile’s grout. Grout, being extremely porous in nature, allows not only moisture to absorb into the crevices, but soap scum, dirt, and other residues and debris, creating the perfect conditions for mildew and mold to blossom. Being contained beneath the surface, the mold and mildew will first deteriorate the raw materials used on the foundation, leaving you with excessive repairs and the grout looking dingy. Mold and mildew is not just a detriment to the structure, but with enough quantities and exposure, it can negatively impact your health.
2) Cost-Effective Tile Maintenance. To offer your tile and grout adequate protection, annual sealant application is all that is needed. With the inexpensive professional service, typically following a deep tile and grout cleaning, the sealants efficiency can be restored. As mentioned before, routine cleaning and daily wear dissipates the sealants, especially if you use harsher or abrasive cleaners. With sealants you save money on needing additional professional care, damage to the grout forcing replacing, making sealants a more cost-effective maintenance practice.
3) Tile Appearance. Sealants not only prevent the mold and mildew from scumming up the surface, but they also provide a resistance to stains. Stains, blemishes, and dingy dirt along with residues make your tile look dull and the grout look drab. Sealants protecting the surface help hold the shine and vibrancy; tile and grout is kept in mint condition with the simple maintenance to preserve the luster and beauty.
4) Tile Sealing Reduces Stains. As mentioned before, sealants preserve the beauty and shine. Equipped with stain-resistant components, sealants will help prevent stains that bring down the appearance and break down the integrity. Sealant with stain resistance can significantly prevent many stains from accumulating in the surface of your tile and grout.
5) Tile Sealers Enhance Safety. Most sealants include a slip-resistant agent to help the surface be more sustainable; minimizing accidental slipping all the while enhancing the beauty.
6) Sealants Reduce Moisture. Mold and mildew are not the only consequences of grout getting overwhelmed with moisture. It can also contribute to tiles lifting out of place and the grout chipping away, particularly in moist environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. Sealants resist the moisture, keeping it out of the places where it doesn’t belong.
7) Easier Tile Maintenance. Appropriate sealant coverage improves the simplicity of your routine cleaning, cutting out the scrubbing and stress of removing stains and mildew. With soft cleaners, the surfaces glide for easy cleaning.
8) Increased Tile Longevity. Grout and tile where sealants are dissolved and left for a time, will begin to rapidly deteriorate, decay, and crack, bringing down the quality.

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