Ways to Use Natural Stone in Your Summerlin, NV Home; Floors, Counters, Walls & More

When you walk and look around your home you might be wondering what you can do to modernize and update the look. One of the best ways to do that is to change out the flooring in your home. Your outdated tiles may be bringing down the look of your home and changing it is a great way to add more style. Porcelain and ceramic tile is out and more people want to use natural stone tile. The natural stone is a great option for many people because of the beautiful look that you get as well as the many options that are available to you. Natural stone tile and the ways to use it in a home are endless. The obvious starting position is to have the stone tiles installed in your home but that is not all that you can do with it.

Silver State Floor Restoration Lists Ways You Can Use Natural Stone Tile Around Your Home

Modern Stone Fireplaces: One of the areas you can use your beautiful natural stone is the fireplace. The fireplace is often times an area that tends to be a focal point. That means that there will be a lot of eyes looking at it and spending time around it. The great thing about natural stone is that you can have pieces cut into a beautiful eye-catching accent that surrounds your fireplace. Then you can have that beautiful cozy area you always wanted to snuggle around.
Wrap Around Kitchen Counters & Islands: If you walk into many homes in America you will find that the counters are made from some form of natural stone. You can find slate, marble, quartz and granite as some of the most common options. When you look at the countertops especially on an island you will notice that the countertop ends right at the edge. Why stop there? A new modern way to finish off a countertop is to wrap the side of the island or counter with the same stone all the way down to the floor! This is a beautiful and elegant way to show off your high class style.
Mix Natural Stone with Bold Colors: The great thing about natural stone is that they are often times a neutral color. That is because it is found in nature! The colors are the ones that are found in the outdoors like tans, browns, blues, greens and more. The awesome thing is that you can spruce up the rest of the home with bold colors while you keep an elegant look with a natural stone floor, countertop and backsplash.
Don’t Stop at Stone Floors: Most people think that you can have stone put on the floors and on the countertops. That is really not the end at all. You can extend the natural stone tiles up the wall and backsplash as well. Many people will even do a full shower enclosure to make an amazing look in a bathroom.

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