Best Way to Clean, Polish & Seal Natural Stone Tile Surfaces in North Las Vegas, NV

There are is an extensive variety of tiles utilized in homes and business; from manmade stone to natural stone with a plethora of compositions, colors, and styles to make every installation unique. But when it comes to taking advantage of such luxury, tile surfaces, depending on the nature of the stone, needs to be cleaned, sealed, and polished.

All in One Cleaner, Polish & Sealer?

When it comes to the maintenance of your tile, you might head to the nearest department store and be overwhelmed by the options you have when it comes to cleaners, sealers, and polishers that all claim to effectively clean, seal, and polish in one application a selection of specific stone types. However, the reality is that those products are diluted at best; perhaps doing a fraction of each step, but the crucial point is that it is not doing enough.

Natural Stone Tile Maintenance

For proper care of your stone tile; there are three separate basic and important steps needed to treat tile; cleaning, sealing, and polishing. Where not all stone types require sealing or polishing, it is important to know what type of tile you have for efficient treatment. With that in mind, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to expound on cleaning, sealing, and polishing for general maintenance of your tiled surfaces.
1) Natural Stone Cleaning. Even if at face value the tile looks clean, it is still important to perform routine cleaning. Removing the dirt and debris on a daily basis by either vacuuming on bare floor setting, sweeping, or dust mopping is beneficial to keep up the appearance but even miniscule particles can be abrasive, leaving fine scuffs and scratches. Avoid harsh cleaners and use gentle detergents that are specifically designed for the type of tile you have when you wash the tile as frequently as needed or a minimum of once a week on less used surfaces. Be sure to follow up immediately with your choice of drying method.
2) Natural Stone Sealing. Sealants dissolve faster than people realize, especially in the areas where they are frequently used. In many cases, you cannot over-seal these surfaces. Granite countertops for example and other natural stone tile should be frequently sealed as it offers maximum protection as well as provides an effective barrier for the penetrating resistance to etching, soil buildup, and stains. If you are unsure if your tile could use a sealing, you can perform a basic water test to check the sealants integrity. Drop approximately 3” diameter of water on the tile surface in question in several locations and leave it for 30 minutes. If on your return you notice a dark circle or a water ring, it means the water penetrated through the stone surface and it is time to reseal.
3) Natural Stone Polishing. With regularly scheduled polishing, your stone benefits in two primary ways. The first is that following a cleaning, the polishing will enhance the stone’s natural elegance. The second beneficial gain to polishing treatments is that will offer prolonged protection from fingerprint smudges and water spots. Additionally, polishing the tile around the shower and tub will prevent the soap scum and moisture buildup. Stone floors should not be polished unless you are looking o slide around the house.

Natural Stone Tile Cleaning & Polishing in Las Vegas Valley NV, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

While stone tile is a hard and durable, it is still very susceptible to various elements and wear and tear. With proper maintenance, you can ensure the overall condition, beauty and longevity. Every 6-12 months, contact Silver State Floor Restoration for professional tile cleaning, sealing, and polishing services on top of your regular maintenance.

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