How to Deep Clean, Polish & Restore Old Terrazzo Stone Floors in Henderson, NV

Terrazzo floors are a floor or countertop made of marble chips and concrete, and sometimes resin. Because the main material used for terrazzo surfaces is marble, this means it will need its own special care. Marble and natural stone erodes or is damaged if cleaned or cared for improperly. Some terrazzo is even made of other materials or holds multiple types of natural stone such as mother of pearl or abalone shells. This just adds to its care. Silver State Floor Restoration will outline how to clean and care for Terrazzo floors.

How to Deep Clean & Restore Old Terrazzo Floors

Regular care and cleaning is required to maintain the floor’s luster and shine. When you’re regularly cleaning your Terrazzo floors, follow these basic steps:
Step 1. When cleaning your Terrazzo floor, make sure you always sweep away all the dirt and crumbs from off the floor. You can use a regular broom or dry mop as both are safe to use on Terrazzo floors.
Step 2. You can use straight water to mop the floor. Some like to use natural stone cleaners. If you use the natural stone cleaner, you should spray it on the surface of the floor and then allow the cleaner to sit on the floor for a few minutes. This should help to loosen any spill or collected dirt. Never use any cleaner that is high in acidic or alkaline ingredients as both can erode natural stone floors.
Step 3. Rinse the floor again with water to remove the remaining dirt that may be left behind. You just mop the floor again with fresh clean water.
Step 4. Once the floors are dry, begin to buff the floor with the proper wax to help restore the floor’s shine.

Tips for Cleaning & Polishing Terrazzo Floors

A few considerations to keep in mind when caring for Terrazzo flooring is never to use oil-base cleaners or stain removing agents. For those who choose to use commercial cleaners, even those especially designed for terrazzo floors; test them first before you use it on your entire floor. When testing the product, apply it on a small hidden area so if discoloration or erosion happens to occur, it won’t be seen. Use mats in doorways to help prevent the floor from getting overly dirty. Also use rugs in high traffic areas. Make sure you clean up any spills as they occur to keep your floors from staining or eroding. Finally, maintain a regular cleaning schedule for your Terrazzo floors.

Natural Stone Tile Cleaning & Polishing in Las Vegas Valley NV, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

If your floor has a few stains or has lost its shine, you should contact a floor restoration company to help polish and give your floor a deeper cleaning. Over time the floor will begin to fade. When this happens, they can be easily restored, but it may take a professional’s touch. Terrazzo floors are a beautiful investment to any home. Make sure you give your floor the care it needs to maintain its beautiful shine and sturdiness. If you find that you are in need of a professional cleaning and resealing, contact Silver State Floor Restoration. We can clean and protect your floor and restore its shine. Call Silver State Floor Restoration today!

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