Good & Bad of Slate Flooring in Las Vegas, NV; Stain & Flame Resistant but Limited Colors

When you are trying to decide on the best type of flooring for your home, the options are endless. The first thing to consider is if you want to have a hard flooring surface or carpet. There are pros and cons of each but the hard flooring surface tends to have more benefits. Now that you are down to a hard floor surface you need to know what kind you want. There are hardwood floors, man made tile such as porcelain or ceramic, laminate and one of the best options out there; natural stone. There are several natural stone floor tiles that you can choose from in a wide variety of shapes, size and even color. There is also the task of choosing what type of stone floor is right for you. One of the latest trends that seem to be making waves in interior design is to use slate natural stone.

Silver State Floor Restoration Outlines the Good & Bad of Having Slate Tile Floors in Your Home

What Is Slate Tile?: When you want to have a slate floor you are getting a great natural stone. The natural stone is a very durable and long lasting stone that can be used as floor tiles, countertops and other surfaces such as showers and backsplashes. Slate in particular is a stone that comes in several levels of quality. The best of the slate is a stone that is found deep underground and needs to be harvested by a very specialized process. There is slate that is found closer to the surface but it has been exposed to too much of the elements that make the stone flawed.
Advantages of Slate Floors: One of the best things that come when you choose to have slate floors is that you are getting a high quality and durable stone. The stone is known to be resistant to staining and even slips. The stone, as long as it is high quality is not very porous which is why it is great at repelling spills and other stains. When you choose a natural stone floor for your home you are actually adding another level of safety. The safety is because the stone is flame resistant and won’t soak in the water. When it comes to cleaning the slate floors you can use a broom to dust away the dirt and other debris. Then follow up with a mop that with a mild detergent which is usually just water and a splash of vinegar. You will also want to follow up with a professional cleaning on occasion to keep the floors looking their very best.
Problems with Slate Floors: One of the very few complaints that you might have about a slate floor is the color choices that you get. The stone is naturally found in greys and black mostly and the combination of those colors. That means that if you want to have a common color throughout your home you need to purchase the stone from the same quarry. The other downside about getting a slate floor is that the price is going to be higher than a standard tile floor. However the price is worth it because of the longevity of the stone.

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