How to Deep Clean & Restore Stained Terrazzo Flooring in Summerlin, NV

Terrazzo floors look beautiful in a home and bring flexibility in design that can’t be achieved with other flooring systems. Terrazzo floors are a mixture of marble chips and concrete or resin base. The color range is unlimited and with options from pearl to marble and even recycled glass. Terrazzo floors gained popularity during Roman and Venetian times when marble was used on floors, sculptures and furniture. Leftover pieces would be transported away and mixed with concrete and used for floors and would be polished with goat’s milk. Floors that were created centuries ago are still standing in buildings all over Europe. They are so durable that they might even outlast the life of the building they were put in!

Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Terrazzo Floors

#1-Don’t treat terrazzo floors like granite floors. They look similar but are quite different and it’s a big mistake to treat them the same when it comes to cleaning them. Terrazzo floors are softer than granite and because of this, they will stain and wear faster and need to be cleaned differently than granite.
#2- Don’t use vinegar on terrazzo. Vinegar is a popular ingredient in homemade cleaning solutions because it is non-toxic and natural, but shouldn’t be used on terrazzo floors. Vinegar is acidic and good for lots of cleaning jobs but the acid in it can cause terrazzo floors to become dull or cause etching. When this happens, it will require buffing and refinishing to restore its look.
#3- Don’t use abrasive cleaners. Cleaning terrazzo floors is very simple and no chemicals are needed. Terrazzo floors have a thin layer of wax to maintain the shine and if you use cleaners that are abrasive, you can remove this layer of wax. The best way to clean terrazzo floors if to use a dry, soft cloth. All you need to do is wipe spills up and you don’t even need to use water! Just make sure to use a cloth that is lint-free.
#4- Don’t scrub terrazzo floors. We often equate a tough stain with scrubbing to remove it and some homeowners will use steel wool or scouring pads to remove them. Remember that terrazzo floors are delicate and scrubbing with these can make the problem worse. You’ll remove the wax layer and damage the floor. All you need is a cloth or sponge. Try using a shammy cloth as they’re great at drying the floor and polishing it at the same time.
#5- Don’t let stains sit. Spills are bound to happen and will happen often if you have kids. Remember not stress but to clean them up as soon as possible.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning in Las Vegas Valley NV, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Terrazzo floors are a durable choice for flooring but will stain over time. Sweep them daily and mop them weekly. They should be cleaned by professionals twice a year for a deep clean. Call the professionals at Silver State Floor Restoration when that time comes to keep them looking as great as they did the day they were put in. Call to set up an appointment today.

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