Benefits of Stained, Polished & Sealed Concrete Cement Floors in Las Vegas NV

When thinking of concrete cement flooring, generally the idea of cold, sterile or industrial-like come to mind, or even drab and bland are more descriptive. But what if having a stained and polished concrete cement floor could actually be charming, elegant and easily maintained?

Silver State Floor Restoration would like to convey a handful of benefits to investing in a stylish stained and polished cement floor.

1. Endurable: If you are using an existing concrete slab, concrete floors are sustainable. There is no need to keep the stained, sanded and polished cement floor tucked away in a basement. The look is refined and adequate for any flooring you would like to use in your home.

2. Easily maintained and cared for: Insisting on baseboards will make clean up extremely easy. Dust mopping daily or as needed keeps the dust and dirt at bay, and weekly mopping in mild soap ensures keeping dirty residue neutralized.

3. Cost-effective: Polishing plain gray cement slabs into lustrous sheen and beauty typically costs between $2-$6 a square foot. The natural cracks and tonal differences can take on a stone-like, earthy feel. More ornamented finishes can cost between $5-$8 a square foot. Different colors and application techniques allow homeowners to choose unique styles. Becoming more popular among business and homeowners alike, can make variations accustomed for any decor. Scoring in grid patterns for a more decorative flare can cost between $5-$8 as well. With a high-gloss seal, the floor can take on the look of limestone. Acrylic sealer can give off a freshly polished look, and can be an impressive and graceful appearance. Faux finishes such as marble, can give a refined and stunning look, costing between $7-$15.

4. Endurance: Polished and well maintained floors can last generations. As the floor ages, it will only have more allure and appeal.

5. Versatility: There are many ways cement floors can be stained with faux finishes. Stone veneered walls with a beautiful stained and polished cement floor will give off a rustic and homey look to your home. If wood floors are more your style, you can have faux wood planking on cement floors gives you the desired look, but with easier maintenance.

6. Stain & Moisture Resistant: If you have heavy foot traffic, cement floors are very stain resistant and can offer better maintenance plans. Cement floors are also moisture resistant.

7. Alternatives: For allergy sufferers, this could be a friendly alternative to carpets.

Professional Concrete Cleaning, Polishing & Sealing in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

There are many other benefits to having stained and/or polished floors in your home or business. In a nut shell, these floors add unique decorative styles, are cost-effective and easily maintained, and have strong longevity. These floors are perfect for high-traffic areas and people with busy life styles, but who still enjoy charm and elegance. For professional concrete cement floor cleaning, polishing and sealing to maintain the pristine look of your floors, contact Silver State Floor Restoration.

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