How to Clean & Seal your Tile Grout; and Keep it Looking Cleaner for Longer in Las Vegas NV!

There is one job in the house that gets overlooked all the time. It could be because it seems to be the never-ending chore and can be a real pain to do. We are talking about getting your grout cleaned. When it gets installed you are excited and it really looks amazing. The problem is that once the grout is walked on or mopped over it slowly gets dirtier and dirtier. This can turn the grout from a beautiful white or tan to dark brown or even black in no time at all. Even if you have a thin grout line, it will get dark and it just makes the floors look dirty. When the floors are mopped, the dirt water settles in the grout lines because they sit lower than the actual tiles themselves. The most common way that people seem to clean the grout is on their hands and knees with a toothbrush. This might get the grout lines clean but there are some other things that you can do to keep the grout cleaner longer; with much less energy and time.

Silver State Floor Restoration has some tips on how to clean your grout and keep it looking cleaner for longer!

Grout Stain: This is a trick that many people don’t know about but is a great way that you can get your grout looking the color you wanted it from the beginning. Grout stain works a lot like bleach works on your white clothes. The grout stain is applied to the lines on the grout and left to sit. You then will follow up with a wet rag and wipe away the grout stain to remove any excess and test that the color that has settled onto your grout.

Wipe After Mopping: This is another trick that most people don’t know about but if you mop the floor then take time to wipe the grout lines up with a dry rag you are removing the wet dirty water that stains the grout when left to set. The great thing is that it doesn’t take too much longer and can make a big difference!

Sealer: You can purchase a sealant from a home improvement store that can be applied to nice clean grout. This is a great way to keep the stains from settling on the grout and makes it easier to clean off. The sealant can be added by you or you can call a professional like Silver State Floor Restoration to clean the grout and seal it for you.

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