Best Bathroom Natural Stone Tile Flooring Material Ideas in Henderson, NV; Gray Limestone, Marble, Patterned & More

When you are ready to make a change to your bathroom one of the coolest ways to start is by picking a new floor! The flooring option can start the look of the room and could set off the entire style. The style that you are looking for can be built around the flooring so it is an important part as it isn’t as easy to change as the decor and accessories. You should take some time to look into the options and decide what might be best for you. A bathroom is a huge part of the resale value of a home. The bathroom is one of the two areas that a potential home buyer will look at and could decide to purchase because of. The kitchen is the other area and the floors in a kitchen are a huge opportunity to upgrade as well. Now that you are looking into remodeling your bathroom, you should know what the best flooring options are and why.

Silver State Floor Restoration Lists Natural Stone Flooring Options for Your Remodeled Bathroom

Gray Limestone Floor Tile: One of the latest and the most modern options that you can choose is a grey limestone floor. The first benefit is that you have a natural stone for your tile floors and that is huge when it comes to modern and elegant floors. The limestone comes in several levels of grey coloring and is a great way to add sophistication to your bathroom. If you want to use white cabinets or trim these grey limestone tiles is right for you. The great thing about limestone is that it is a durable stone and will withstand a lot of traffic. The stone is soft when you touch it which is a great option for your bare feet in a bathroom.
Marble Tile Floors: When going for a natural stone floor option, marble is long lasting and stands the test of time. Marble has been used for centuries for tables, floors and carvings. It has always been a great luxurious tile choice and a perfect fit for a bathroom. Marble comes in many different colors and patterns and you can get what you want based on the entire feel of the room. This is another option that is nice and durable. It can be cleaned and maintained with some help from a professional.
Pattern Tile Options: You may think that pattern tiles are out and sleek and smooth tile is in. Although you can’t go wrong with a solid stone floor you should not shy away from patterns. You may not choose a patterned tile for your main living space but a modern or old school pattern is a great option for a bathroom. It adds some pizzazz to a room that can show off a little more personality.

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