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One of the most popular types of shows in television right now are anything to do with home renovation. It can be flipping houses and making them beautiful, it can homeowners taking on their own DIY projects and it can be home makeover shows. Whatever the show is, people love to see what other homeowners are doing to upgrade their bathrooms, kitchens are more. The most talked about upgrades that people make are with the flooring, tile and countertops. These are also some of the main things that a new buyer may find appealing. It can increase the value of your home. Now that you have decided to take on an upgraded surface in your home you need to be sure you are ready to keep it looking its best. You don’t want to spend money on stone floors or marble counters just to let them get dirty and dingy. You need to be ready to clean and care for all your stone surfaces.

Silver State Floor Restoration Lists What Surfaces You May Have & How To Care For & Clean Them

Granite Countertops: Granite is a great stone to use in many applications such as kitchen counters, bathroom shower walls and other countertops. Granite is often chosen for its durability and also the color options that you can choose from. There are stunning greens, blues, black, grey and white. They are all great options that can go with almost any style kitchen or bathroom. They are also a huge way to express that you upgraded your home and are looking to show off some luxury. Although granite is strong and durable it can be damaged when you use the wrong cleaning products. If you choose acidic products it can strip off the sealant as well as leave streaks on the surface
Quality Porous Marble Stone Surfaces: Marble is another stone that is used often in homes. The surface is porous and can be polished to a shine or left matte. The finish of the stone has all to do with the personal style of the homeowner. The problem with marble is that it seems to collect any spills and will need to be cleaned quickly and with the correct cleaning product and technique. You want to stay away from cleaning products all together. The cleaning products can soak into the marble stone and cause damage. It is best to hire a professional to help clean the marble and polish it to the level that you want.
Honed Slate Tile Floor: Slate is a stone option that more and more people are choosing to have installed in their home. It offers a more modern look and feel to your home with its dark grey and black colors. When people have slate installed they choose to have a grout line showing which just adds another level to clean. Acidic cleaners are not a great option and most people choose to use dish soap and water to clean the stone.

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