What Grout Services Do Your Tile Floors Need in Summerlin, NV? Regrouting, Repair, Sealing, Recoloring & More

When it comes to having the perfect tile in your home or business, you go to great lengths to ensure you are making the right investment. Keeping your tile in the best of care is essential for its lifespan. The same goes for the grout. Where tile might experience issues due to poor installation, lack of maintenance, or just plain old physics, and your grout is even more susceptible to dwindling effects. Tile may accumulate a little residue and grime that makes it look dull and dingy, but the grout is naturally porous, which means it absorbs far more particulates and water. This makes it stain, look dingy and even invite the right conditions for mold and mildew. If your grout is not properly maintained, the grout will deteriorate far faster than the tile.

Grout Services

Silver State Floor Restoration knows the fragility of grout and offers a number of services that can be done to keep up with the durability of your tile. Today, we would like to shine the spotlight on grout and let you know which service is more optimal for the current condition of your grout.
1) Regrouting Service: Regrouting services are usually necessary if your current grout is excessively old, damaged, or even missing in spots. Not only do these circumstances minimize the integrity and durability of your existing grout and even tile, but it can really bring the overall aesthetics down. Generally, the regrouting process starts by removing the tarnished old grout completely and applying fresh new grout and caulk if necessary around the tiled areas it is needed. Once completed, the beauty of your tile is enhanced.
2) Grout Repair Service: If various areas of your grout has become permanently stained or cracked, there are grout repair options. This service concentrates only on the grout that needs to be removed and replaced with fresh grout, as opposed to the total re-grouting service that does the whole floor. Cracked grout that remains unrepaired will only continue to compromise more grout and in extreme conditions, the tile as well. If left to fester, it will eventually lead to an entire floor replacement.
3) Grout Sealing Service: As previously mentioned, grout is porous. It absorbs all manners of substances from liquids to solids. With a grout sealer, the grout can repel much of the debris and help it resist stains and damage. Grout that is not sealed will rapidly become discolored from dirt, acids, and grime building up within your grout. Though sealers help resist damage and staining, it cannot completely prevent it from happening. That is why proper maintenance and regular treatments, along with the appropriate sealer formulated for your grout, can minimize stubborn stains and deterioration. Initially, at the time your tile was installed, it should have then been sealed. But after time, the sealer will dissolve and will need additional applications. Your tile and grout should be professionally cleaned and sealed annually, more so for high traffic areas.
4) Grout Recoloring Service: You do not have to be stuck with the color grout originally used during installation. Silver State Floor Restoration for example offers over 100 different colors to get the right color grout that will compliment your tile and your overall style. With options to emphasize your tile and grout with bold and contrasting colors, or soften the look with a blend of similar colors, a grout recoloring service can be a simple solution to improving the aesthetics of your home. In many cases, recoloring grout services can cover up stains as well.
5) Re-caulking Service: Re-caulking is an important service that goes in hand with grout and is usually the result of lack of maintenance, poor ventilation, improper product application, and neglected cleaning duties that has resulted in mold growing on the caulk. Caulk should be replaced as quickly as possible if mold begins to grow to quickly remove it before it gets out of hand. Experts highly recommend that your caulk is replaced every 6-12 months depending on use.

Professional Grout Services in Las Vegas Valley NV, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

If your caulk or grout in the Las Vegas, Nevada area is in need of services, contact Silver State Floor Restoration and let our experts improve your grout today.

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